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November 2020

23 November — The French Exception: Podcast Measurement
16 November — No, The Spotify and Megaphone Deal Won't Put an End to Podcasting
9 November — Post-roll Is Bullshit
2 November — Brand Safety is Here: Let’s Use It

October 2020

26 October — Can You Target Podcast Listeners By Demographic?
19 October — Spotify is in podcasting to win
13 October — The Solution for Privacy in Podcasting
5 October — Programmatic Advertising: the Hero Podcast Publishers Need

September 2020

28 September — How many listeners is your IABv2 certification worth?
21 September — You’re incorrectly identifying up to 50% of your user agents
14 September — Bringing podcasting together, one user agent at a time
8 September — Does The Loss of Digital ID Impact Podcast Advertising?

August 2020

30 August — Apple Podcasts watchOS Downloads Under Fire
25 August — Geolocation Misses The Mark In Podcast Targeting
20 August — Ad Impression Discrepancy Is Solvable In Podcasting


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