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The business of podcasting


November 2022

Nov 22: The Current State of Subscription Podcasting
Nov 15: Podcasting, Audiobooks, and the Third Thing
Nov 8: Radio's Seven Warnings for the Podcast Industry (Part Two)
Nov 1: Radio’s Seven Warnings for the Podcast Industry (Part One)

October 2022

Oct 25: Where Your Podcast Plays Matters More Than You Think
Oct 18: What Does the Competitive Landscape for Podcasting Really Look Like?
Oct 11: Does Podcasting have an Ad Frequency Problem?
Oct 5: Is It Time To Rethink Promo Codes?

September 2022

Sep 27: Sounds Profitable - two years later
Sep 20: One Key To Growing Podcasting We Take For Granted
Sep 13: Programmatic Advertising for Buyers
Sep 6: Host Reads Or Announcer Reads In Podcast Advertising: Do We Have To Choose?

August 2022

Aug 30: The Reality of Podcast Economics: I Built an Independent Women’s Podcast Network
Aug 23: Podcast Ad Delivery: Make Better Sandwiches
Aug 16: The Podcasting Problem Hiding in Plain Sight
Aug 9: Programmatic Advertising for Podcasters: How to Get Started
Aug 2: Are Programmatic Ads Bad For Podcasting?

July 2022

Jul 26: Black Podcasts: An Untapped Ownership Opportunity
Jul 19: Pods Heard Round The World
Jul 12: Summer of Programmatic
Jul 5: Who Doesn’t Like Pizza?

June 2022

Jun 28: Start to Finish — Cross Promotional Launch Plan
Jun 21: The Latest Data On Podcast Discoverability
Jun 14: Enabling Buyers Through Adtech
Jun 7: A Tale Of Three Rankers
Jun 1: Announcing Podcasting’s Business Leaders Summit

May 2022

May 24: Do You Know Where Your Data Has Been?
May 17: Beyond Podcasting’s Prefix Analytics
May 10: I Hear Things About The Future Of Audio
May 3: Why the Podcast Business Won’t Turn Into The Film/TV Business

April 2022

Apr 26: Making Space For New Podcast AdTech
Apr 19: Podcasts vs Other Media: What’s The Appeal?
Apr 12: Transcripts As A Requirement For Podcast Advertising
Apr 5: What Podcast Ad Buyers Want (What We Really Really Want)

March 2022

Mar 29: Making Competitive Separation A Priority
Mar 22: The Many Flavors of Sounds Profitable
Mar 15: Women Podcast Listeners: What We Know
Mar 8: The End Of Gatekeeping In Podcasting
Mar 1: Podcasting Needs Third-Party Verification

February 2022

Feb 22: In Defense of Third-Party Podcast Solutions
Feb 15: The Most Sellable Podcast Programming Right Now
Feb 8: The Many Flavors of Dynamic Ad Insertion
Feb 1: Measuring the ROI of Your Branded Podcast

January 2022

Jan 25: Solving Podcasting's Programmatic Issues With Trust
Jan 18: What is Good Data?
Jan 11: Podcast Merchandise and Partnerships that Make Sense
Jan 4: Sounds Profitable's 2022 Outlook

December 2021

Dec 28: Happy Holidays from Sounds Profitable
Dec 21: 2021 Podcast Acquisitions and Funding - A Recap
Dec 14: Podcast Advertising Predictions: Then And Now
Dec 7: I'm Launching The Podscape Podcast

November 2021

Nov 30: A Brand Perspective - Füm
Nov 23: Give Yourself The Gift Of Apple Podcast Subscriptions
Nov 16: Stop Making Creative An Afterthought
Nov 9: Ad Wars - comparative advertising
Nov 2: Debunking Podcast Myths, X Fronts Style

October 2021

Oct 28: Come For Spotify. Stay For Podcast Advertising
Oct 19: Spotify Is Making Anchor A Serious Advertising Channel
Oct 12: Sounds Profitable en Español!
Oct 5: Why to invest and advertise in the Latino Podcast Segment

September 2021

Sep 28: A Real-Time Look at Apple’s Private Relay
Sep 21: Getting UpFront About Programmatic Podcast Ads
Sep 14: Unlocking More Inventory With Audience Insights
Sep 7: You work in audio ad-tech. So listen to it.
Sep 1: A Deepdive Into Podcast AdTech

August 2021

Aug 24: Apple Almost Made Podcast Stats Better
Aug 17: Who Wins When IP Addresses Disappear?
Aug 10: How Audio Quality Impacts Your Brand
Aug 3: The Podcast Industry In Podcast Form

July 2021

Jul 27: We had a baby
Jul 20: Tracking Podcast Ad Performance That’s Hard To Track
Jul 13: Never Let An Ad Slot Go Empty
Jul 6: Added Time Isn’t Added Value

June 2021

Jun 29: Pro-Grade Podcast Survey… For Free?
Jun 22: Buying vs Building Unique Podcast Adtech
Jun 15: I Want YOU To Join Podcast Advertising
Jun 8: Ad Delivery vs Downloads In Podcast Adtech
Jun 1: How To Write Podcast Ads That Sell

May 2021

May 24: The Future of Podcast Ads Is VAST
May 17: The hidden costs of in-app paid podcast subscriptions
May 10: Up Next: A Better Way To Buy Podcast Ads, and More
May 3: Let’s Make Podcasts More Accessible

April 2021

Apr 26: Where Vanity URLs and Promo Codes Fall Short
Apr 19: How To Explain Podcast Impression Tracking To Digital Ad Buyers
Apr 12: Up Next - A Podcast UpFront
Apr 5: The Influencer Marketing Advantage

March 2021

Mar 29: Sounds Profitable’s Premium Blend
Mar 24: Podcast Prefix Analytics Explained
Mar 15: Podcast Streaming is a Myth
Mar 8: We Need More Women Working In Adtech
Mar 1: There Are No Shortcuts in Podcast Advertising

February 2021

Feb 22: Podcast Attribution in a Privacy-Focused World
Feb 17: How Dynamic Ad Insertion Actually Works
Feb 8: Upgrading Broadcast Syndication For Podcasting
Feb 1: Finally, Sounds Profitable Has a Podcast

January 2021

Jan 25: How To Buy Host-Read Ads At-Scale
Jan 19: Don't Forget The Intangibles of Podcast Advertising
Jan 11: Let’s Make Podcasting Metrics More Meaningful
Jan 4: It's Time For Every Podcaster To Take DAI Seriously

December 2020

Dec 28: Happy New Year From Sounds Profitable
Dec 21: Understanding Lift Reports - Pt. 2
Dec 14: Understanding Lift Reports - Pt. 1
Dec 7: IAB Podcast Measurement v2.1 - What You Need to Know

November 2020

Nov 30: The Podscape: A Map of the Podcast Advertising Landscape
Nov 23: The French Exception: Podcast Measurement
Nov 16: No, The Spotify and Megaphone Deal Won't Put an End to Podcasting
Nov 9: Post-roll Is Bullshit
Nov 2: Brand Safety is Here: Let’s Use It

October 2020

Oct 26: Can You Target Podcast Listeners By Demographic?
Oct 19: Spotify is in podcasting to win
Oct 13: The Solution for Privacy in Podcasting
Oct 5: Programmatic Advertising: the Hero Podcast Publishers Need

September 2020

Sep 28: How many listeners is your IABv2 certification worth?
Sep 21: You’re incorrectly identifying up to 50% of your user agents
Sep 14: Bringing podcasting together, one user agent at a time
Sep 8: Does The Loss of Digital ID Impact Podcast Advertising?

August 2020

Aug 30: Apple Podcasts watchOS Downloads Under Fire
Aug 25: Geolocation Misses The Mark In Podcast Targeting
Aug 20: Ad Impression Discrepancy Is Solvable In Podcasting

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