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Unpacking The Challenges of Geotargeting w/ Jason Hanson

In the world of advertising and marketing, geotargeting is an incredibly important tool. But where is geotargeting going? What’s the next stage of this tool?

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Like podcasters running geotargeted advertising campaigns, Wrapify has to combine a large sample size with mobile device IDs to prove their worth. Did the right audience encounter the ad? Did the exposed consumers take the intended action? And how much can we rely on the accuracy of an IP address?

Advertisers and marketers try—and fail—to boil all advertising down to the same thing. But as Jason says, every medium serves its own purpose and informs the buyer’s journey. Local advertising—especially hyper-local advertising that podcast can provide—plays an important role. But it’s important that we not over-reach with its capabilities.

Podcasts ads aren’t the same as digital. Podcast ads aren’t the same ad radio. Podcast advertising is a worthy channel that can and does stand on its own, while also supporting other larger campaigns.



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