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SP Highlights: The Intangibles of Podcast Advertising w/ Tom Webster

The Sounds Profitable podcast started impulsively as a way to test out the amazing ad tech I talk about. It's always been important to me that the people who talk about the technology know how to use it hands on and absolutely know what their clients experience. Now after 30 episodes and just finishing up our first year of Sounds Profitable as a newsletter, we're taking a month to completely reformat and improve the podcast to make it a better listening experience.

For the month of September I wanted to share with you four episodes you may have missed. And of course, ask you to please take our survey, at . Without your feedback, we couldn't have made the improvements we're planning.

Understanding if your ad is working is absolutely critical. Brand Lift studies help you know if they are working. Tom Webster and Edison Research do a phenomenal job of telling you just that.

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