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The Sounds Profitable Podcast

Sounds Profitable offers a completely free premium feed sponsored by Supercast. Get access to all the latest expert interviews and enjoy bonus content of Bryan and his toddler Theo narrating the articles.

  • SP Highlights: Understanding Lift Reports w/ Matt Drengler
  • SP Highlights: Taking DAI Seriously w/ Heather Osgood
  • SP Highlights: Brand Safety w/ Moomal Shaikh
  • Finally Sounds Profitable Has A Podcast w/ Evo Terra
  • Tracking Podcast Ad Performance That's Hard To Track w/ Omer Jilani
  • How To Write Podcast Ads That Sell w/ Stew Redwine
  • SP Profiles: Branded Podcasts w/ Dave Zohrob
  • Why is the Feed Different?

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