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Business to Business Prefix Tracking with CoHost

Business to Business Prefix Tracking with CoHost

CoHost’s Fatima Zaidi walks Bryan Barletta through the CoHost dashboard, demonstrating how it alleviates common podcast advertising pain points.

December 12, 2023

This week on the Product Deepdive, CoHost’s Fatima Zaidi shows off the CoHost prefix that allows for B2B analytics and advanced audience insights.

What are the Sounds Profitable Deepdives?

Think of the Deepdives as Sounds Profitable scheduling that final meeting your company has with an ad tech vendor for you. In each episode Bryan Barletta does a full run-through of a product with someone from the team. Together they discuss what it is, its intended use-case, and what it can accomplish for users. No slide decks, no press releases, no marketer presentations. Just the product.