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Podcast-to-Broadcast with SoundStack

Podcast-to-Broadcast with SoundStack

SoundStack CRO Rockie Thomas walks Bryan through how SoundStack is flipping the "broadcast to podcast" script to offer audio-as-a-service channels in SoundStack.

June 12, 2023

With Spotify’s recent foray into “broadcast to podcast” technology, the capability is obviously getting more attention than ever. The broad value for audio publishers is clear: you create amazing content that you want as many people as possible to hear, so having an easy way to accommodate both linear and non-linear listeners makes sense. To date, that capability has mostly been going in one direction, taking radio streams (linear listening) and turning them into podcasts (non-linear listening) as the latter format continues to gain popularity, especially with younger consumers. Technology like SoundStack Splice has been enabling it for a while.

But what about the inverse? A huge portion of the population values a more “lean back” experience forged in radio, where all the listener has to do is tune in. Podcasters need those audiences too.

That capability is here. SoundStack CRO Rockie Thomas walks Bryan Barletta through its myriad benefits in the latest Sounds Profitable Deepdive.

This episode was recorded on Squadcast and is hosted on Mediastream.

What are the Sounds Profitable Deepdives?

Think of the Deepdives as Sounds Profitable scheduling that final meeting your company has with an ad tech vendor for you. In each episode Bryan Barletta does a full run-through of a product with someone from the team. Together they discuss what it is, its intended use-case, and what it can accomplish for users. No slide decks, no press releases, no marketer presentations. Just the product.