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At Sounds Profitable we’re committed to setting the course towards a thriving future for the audio business. Join us in our mission by exploring potential partnership opportunities and discovering how we can work together to accomplish our common goal.

Insightful Content

Over 8,000 individuals read our twice-a-week newsletter, while hundreds of listeners tune in to our three weekly podcast releases. Our content is primarily created by Bryan Barletta, covering the business of advertising and adtech, and Tom Webster, covering research and branding.

Every article is advertisement-free and includes all partner logos.

Industry-Leading Research

Tom Webster has spent the last 20 years as the face of podcast research, having helped create and present Edison Research’s tentpole studies Infinite Dial®, Share of Ear®, and Super Listeners Study.

At Sounds Profitable, Tom’s mission is to create free quarterly cutting-edge research that propels the industry forward and equips professionals with timely insights tailored to each quarter.

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    Unmissable Events

    Every quarter, Sounds Profitable holds the Podcast Business Leaders Summit for all partners, in conjunction with major events such as SXSW, Advertising Week NYC, Podcast Show London, and more.

    These events are included as a thank you for our partners, and offer a live premiere of our latest research, small panel discussions on critical topics, and ample networking opportunities over food and drink.

    In addition, we hold monthly webinars for all of our partners’ employees called Unplugged, that delve into the most pressing topics at hand.

    Peerless Advisory Services

    Each partner receives 30 minutes of consulting time with Bryan Barletta every month. Speaking to over 150 companies per month, and actively being a user of most products in podcasting, Bryan focuses on sharing all public insight available, providing advertising, technical, and product insight, and making key introductions to help partners solve their problems or win new business.

    Within reason, partners can use this time however they like.

    Become a partner

    Fill out the form below and we will get back to you:

      Truly Neutral

      Sounds Profitable is fully owned by Bryan Barletta and Tom Webster and has no outside investment. Neither individual owns any equity or has any investment in podcast companies, and they do not hold any advisory or board positions in any company. Furthermore, they do not work on commission and do not have any partnership opportunities that would enable them to have editorial control or obligate them to cover anything related to the partner.