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Apple’s Automatic Transcriptions, Podcasts on ESPN 2, Brand Safety Summit Lessons, & More

Apple’s Automatic Transcriptions, Podcasts on ESPN 2, Brand Safety Summit Lessons, & More

The Download

Season 3 • Episode 250

Here’s what you need to know for this week in the business of podcasting:

Apple Podcasts Debuts Automatic Transcript Generation
Alex Cooper’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast Ends Spotify Exclusivity
Lessons From The Brand Podcast Summit
Triton Digital’s U.S. Podcast Report, 2023
New Direct-to-Consumer Podcast Advertising Report

Quick Hits:
Knowing Half the Battle in Podcasting by Tom Webster. Half the battle of podcasting is keeping up with changes to the audience, and this week Tom looks at the “neglected half” of the work.
Wondery Announces Original Podcast Black History, For Real. The new podcast, produced by DCP Entertainment, is a weekly series breaking down the lesser-known events and individuals that have shaped Black culture.
ESPN Podcasts to Air Weekday Afternoons on ESPN2. Five video podcasts produced by ESPN will be aired on their second channel as part of a seasonal content initiative, filling the 2-3PM EST time slot Monday-Friday.
The Free and Open Ad-Supported Internet. A new IAB study that looks into the feelings of internet users when it comes to advertising’s place online and how it keeps certain sites and services free to use.

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Frequency, Repetition, and Consumer Perceptions of Podcast Advertising

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