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Centering Outside the Safety of RSS

Centering Outside the Safety of RSS

The Sounds Profitable Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 45

Building an app for podcast listeners is a tough sell in this world where Spotify and Apple are so dominant. But Realm has been in the game for a while and have a dedicated fan base – both of the app they launched years ago and the content that’s contained therein. In this episode, Bryan Barletta speaks with Rachel Prisock, head of data and engineering at Realm, about building, maintaining, and utilizing the app as an audience engagement and measurement tool.

Listen to learn about:
  • How Realm got its start in podcasting
  • Why the app model works for Realm (but isn’t as successful for other publishers)
  • How Realm might evolve
  • Realm’s strategy for partner content
  • The role of the Super Fan in their strategy