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Feed Drop: Danone’s Conscious Marketer, Linda Bethea

Feed Drop: Danone’s Conscious Marketer, Linda Bethea

This week we bring you a feed drop from Insider Interviews, in which E.B. Moss interviews Linda Bethea. The original show notes follow:

Linda Bethea, Head of Marketing for Danone North America – a top 15 Food and Beverage brand and the country’s largest B corp – gives Insider Interviews host, E.B. Moss, the insider’s scoop on marketing 20 different beloved CPG brands, and staying true to a corporate mission of sustainability. Hear how she developed her leadership skills during stints with PepsiCo, Frito-Lay and Diageo, and is now “delighting” consumers with everything from International Delight partnerships with the iconic show “Friends” to the hit Super Bowl commercial for Oikos with Deion Sanders and family.

Linda and E.B. discuss:

• Linda’s path from soda to spirits to spirited field work that taught her how to negotiate and earned the nickname of The Velvet Hammer

• Her definition of brand purpose and how proper marketing of it impacts consumer choice and company values

• The growing demand for plant-based foods today

• How Danone is rescuing fruit and repurposing bottles into shoes and what E.B. eats as an “ova-lacto-pesce-vegetarian”! (And a lot more about plant-food trends, like Danone’s new campaign for Silk with a “faux” milk moustache on stars!

Linda Bethea is smart and inspiring and mission-driven. Don’t miss this conversation with a conscientious consumer marketer and leader.

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