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Interactive Audio Ads, Jolly Holiday Spending, Spotify’s Audiobook Revamp, & More

Interactive Audio Ads, Jolly Holiday Spending, Spotify’s Audiobook Revamp, & More

The Download

Season 3 • Episode 193

Here’s what you need to know from this week in the business of podcasting:

Amazon launches interactive audio ads

Consumer Shopping Habits Forecast 2019 Numbers

Marketers to spend holiday budgets (mostly) in November

The Implications of Spotify’s Audiobook Revamp

Quick Hits

Sounds Profitable launches branded podcast directory in partnership with Lower Street by Reem Makari. As announced in Bryan Barletta’s article on Wednesday, Sounds Profitable has partnered with branded podcast production company Lower Street to create Brands in Podcasts, a public directory for branded audio.

Are my podcast downloads declining because of iOS 17? by Dan Misener. A breakdown of how to answer three important questions about the health of one’s Apple Podcasts audience and how to track it as wider iOS17 adoption changes auto-download behaviors.

The Jar Audio Podcast Landscape featuring Sounds Profitable ResearchJAR Audio breaks down key findings from the Sounds Profitable study The Podcast Landscape, which took a look at how listener perceptions of podcasting. The JAR breakdown looks at the study from the perspective of a marketer working with branded podcasts.

Digiday Programmatic Selling Strategies: Navigating identity, deals and making the most of CTV and videoThursday, November 16th, Digiday Editor-in-Chief Jim Cooper will host a virtual forum with marketing experts to discuss programmatic campaign strategies for 2024. The forum is produced in partnership with U of Digital and registration is free.

Startup Series: Introduction to Podcast Advertising by Ossa CollectiveOn Wednesday, November 8th at 2:00 p.m. CST OSSA will host a live virtual event kicking off their ten-part series demystifying the world of podcast advertising.

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Sound You Can See: Podcasting’s Video Dilemma

For the first time, more podcast listeners say that they have watched a podcast in the last 30 days than have listened to one. Yet, simply popping your pod on YouTube is likely to fail. So, what are podcasters to do? Sound You Can See dives into consumer perceptions of podcasts on video — and how they continue to drive the future of this medium. The study examines differences in perceptions between video primaries and audio primaries, from preferred topics and genres to the surprising demographic that “listens” to more than half of their podcasts on YouTube. We will also look at when podcast consumers choose one over the other.

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