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The Future of Brand Safety & Suitability for Audio

The Future of Brand Safety & Suitability for Audio

The Sounds Profitable Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 10

In this episode of Sounds Profitable: Adtech Applied, Bryan speaks with Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO of Barometer. Barometer contextualizes podcasts based on the GARM brand suitability components and the Media Roundtable Values.

Listen to learn about:
  • Brand safety and suitability
  • Why it’s important to create block and allow lists for advertisers
  • How context and nuance play into the brand safety and suitability conversation
  • The Sounds Profitable Business Leaders Summit
  • The consolidation of our feeds
  • Why we need your feedback on this podcast

Here’s our favorite idea from this conversation: GARM marks different levels of risk when it comes to advertising but there’s never an ad partnership that brings zero risk to either party (advertiser or publisher).