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Acast and Next Broadcast Media Forge Strategic Partnership to Optimise MENA Podcast Monetisation

Acast and Next Broadcast Media Forge Strategic Partnership to Optimise MENA Podcast Monetisation


February 13, 2024

Acast and Next Broadcast Media (NBM) announce a strategic partnership, signifying a new era of podcast monetisation, advertising efficiency and brand safety in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This collaboration draws on Acast’s podcast inventory and NBM’s local expertise. Acast will manage international buys internally, and work with NBM to expand local advertising bought programmatically.

Since its launch in MENA, Acast has curated a diverse array of podcasts, including a blend of independent content and podcasts from esteemed studios like Sowt and Pineapple Audio Production. Acast also brings global networks such as the BBC and The Guardian to local audiences.

NBM, one of the largest global digital audio ad networks, has solidified itself as the preferred choice for businesses looking to advertise on audio. Recognising the strength and reputation of NBM in the MENA region, Acast will utilise its presence to effectively monetise its content in the region.

“NBM’s entrenched presence in the MENA market and their extensive relationships with advertisers make them an invaluable partner,” explained Megan Davies, Managing Director, International at Acast. “As we’ve amassed a rich portfolio of content with a rapidly growing MENA listenership, this partnership becomes essential to ensure the optimal monetisation of our content.”

Acast believes NBM’s commitment to educating advertisers about the potential within podcasting, and their emphasis on brand safety and suitability, aligns with Acast’s mission to ensure complete confidence for advertisers.

Adel Saadi, Co-Founder of NBM said “Podcasts offer immense potential for advertisers in the MENA region, but its estimated $6bn market opportunity has largely gone untapped. Therefore we’re thrilled to partner with Acast to grow our ad sales offering and bring more choice to brands seeking quality audio ad solutions.

We’ve worked hard to make NBM the place businesses can come to for all audio advertising needs, including assurance on brand safety and access to audiences. And this partnership is a core component to helping brands realise the power of audio.”

This collaboration between Acast and NBM represents a pivotal moment in revolutionising podcast monetisation strategies in the MENA region. Both entities are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of podcast advertising, fostering growth, ensuring brand safety, and delivering unparalleled value to advertisers and audiences alike.


Amy Townley