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Acast Announces Podscribe as Global Preferred Attribution Partner

Acast Announces Podscribe as Global Preferred Attribution Partner


August 17, 2023

Advanced measurement offering available at no additional cost to all Acast advertisers

Acast, the leading global podcast company, has announced Podscribe as its preferred attribution partner in all markets. This strategic partnership will provide Acast advertisers with unparalleled attribution services at no additional cost, allowing them to measure and optimize their podcast advertising campaigns effectively and impartially across the open podcasting ecosystem.

Podscribe’s cutting-edge attribution solutions have earned them a reputation for customer satisfaction amongst some of the biggest brands spending on podcasting today including BetterHelp, Athletic Greens and Manscaped. Certified by the IAB, their advanced technology and deep expertise in podcast analytics will empower Acast advertisers with valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns. Podscribe will also allow Acast’s advertisers to measure the effect of podcast show promotion, by tracking subsequential listener behavior.

Regarding the collaboration, Pete Birsinger, CEO and Founder at Podscribe said, “Working with the biggest marketplace in the open podcasting ecosystem is a natural fit for us. Our team’s dedication to providing top-notch services that help advertisers make data-driven decisions and maximize their podcast ad investments matches Acast’s scale and dominance perfectly.”

Ross Adams, CEO at Acast, said, “Podscribe’s track record in delivering accurate and insightful attribution solutions – which are certified at the highest level – is exceptional. We also know their approach to customer satisfaction is unmatched in this space. This collaboration reinforces Acast’s commitment to offering advertisers the very best impartial tools to succeed in the podcasting space.

We’re also really looking forward to seeing how the relationship will evolve. Podscribe’s innovative work in areas like YouTube modeling, ChatGPT-powered brand safety and airchecks signal progressive moves for us, our advertisers and the industry.”

As part of this move, Acast also announces that starting from September 1, it will no longer accept new campaigns using Spotify’s Ad Analytics. Acast remains focused on fostering an open and transparent environment, working together with partners who share the same vision for the podcast industry’s future.

In line with Acast’s commitment to an open and platform-agnostic ecosystem, the company has also decided to establish a roster of ‘certified’ attribution partners in each of the three regions Americas, EMEA, and APAC. This approach offers choice and flexibility to buyers, ensuring they can select the attribution partner that best aligns with their unique needs.

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Molly DeMellier

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