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Acast Finds Nearly Two in Three Podcast Fans Listen to Podcaster Recommendations for Gifting During the Holidays

Acast Finds Nearly Two in Three Podcast Fans Listen to Podcaster Recommendations for Gifting During the Holidays


October 19, 2023

Acast launches insights-based guide for global advertisers to capture the full power of podcasting this holiday season

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, today released a research and insights-based global podcast advertising guide for the 2023 holiday season. According to a study conducted by Acast for the guide, 9 in 10 US podcast listeners plan to treat themselves and others during the holidays, with over half of US listeners surveyed saying they intend to spend $300 or more on presents. Looking at the influence of podcasting on purchasing decisions, 63% of US listeners trust a podcaster’s opinion or recommendations for gifting during the festive season.

Aimed at brands and agencies around the world, the guide is packed full of actionable insights unwrapping the consumer behavior of podcast listeners during this peak shopping season Within the guide there’s a playbook for podcast advertising during the holidays, including a calendar of key dates for advertisers to tap into.

These key dates are supported by podcast keyword and transcription data provided by Podchaser—the podcast industry’s intelligence engine—helping marketers discover moments when conversations in podcasts on topics such as Thanksgiving food, buying Christmas trees, Hanukkah gifts and more are at their peak. The playbook also offers tips for effective campaign planning and how to successfully approach audio ad creatives for podcast advertising.

“Every advertiser knows that the holidays is the noisiest retail period, so at Acast we want to let them know how podcast advertising can help them cut through and get heard. Our research proves the influence that podcast ads have on listeners, all thanks to trusted hosts, contextual relevance, and unmatched attention. It’s our gift to help marketers get the results on their wishlist this year,” said Simon Franklin, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Acast.

Acast’s 2023 Holiday Season Podcast Advertising Guide is available to download now by visiting

To start podcast advertising today using Acast’s self-serve ad platform, where you can browse and book host-reads or launch a pre-recorded ad campaign, visit here to get started:



Molly DeMellier