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Acast Gives Reprise Activewear a “Power-Up” with $10K in Free Advertising

Acast Gives Reprise Activewear a “Power-Up” with $10K in Free Advertising


September 6, 2023

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, today announced Reprise, the clean, plant-based activewear brand, the winner of its “Pod Power-Up” campaign announced earlier this year. The campaign, which was launched during Small Business Month, was created to give small businesses based in the US the chance to win a fully paid-for podcast advertising campaign worth over $10,000 using Acast’s self-serve podcast ad platform.

Reprise was selected from more than a hundred applicants due the brand’s commitment to creating clothing entirely from sustainably sourced materials. Reprise is leading the clean fashion movement by creating an entirely new category of natural apparel that’s made from plants. The brand creates its materials without toxic chemicals and is forging a new conversation in the fashion industry that challenges consumers and manufacturers to consider clothing as skincare.

“We knew that podcast advertising would give a new voice to Reprise and the sustainable fashion space. What we didn’t know was just how accessible it would be for a small brand like ours until we worked with Acast. Their ad platform makes it simple to set up a podcast campaign and get our message heard across a huge network of shows,” said Reprise Founder Mary Bemis.

The Reprise campaign launched in August and included pre-recorded audio ads targeting US-based female podcast listeners across shows in the Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Sustainability, as well as Sport and Activity categories.

“Since launching the self-serve advertising platform late last year, we’ve seen massive interest and return investments from advertisers of all kinds around the world,” said Global Vice President of Marketing at Acast Pat Butkus. “From day one, a primary goal of the platform has been to make podcast advertising more accessible to small businesses and buyers of any sized budgets. The ‘Pod Power-Up’ campaign and this resulting work with Reprise is testament to Acast’s mission to democratize the podcast advertising space.”

Since launching in November of last year, Acast’s self-serve podcast advertising platform has grown to service organizations of various sizes and industries, from small and medium sized businesses, to household brand names, to major agencies, and even to podcasters themselves. In the first few months of launch, hundreds of brands booked campaigns and nearly 40% of advertisers booked repeat campaigns.

Most recently, Acast expanded the platform to service host-read sponsorships in addition to pre-recorded audio ads. For small businesses specifically, this is significant because, according to Acast research, 58% of daily listeners say they have discovered a small or medium business through podcasts before seeing them on brand or retailer websites. The study also found that 60% of daily podcast listeners have higher trust in small or medium businesses they’ve heard on a podcast compared to social media. Most strikingly, nearly 50% of daily podcast listeners that have come across small or medium business content while listening to a podcast have gone on to make a purchase.

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Molly DeMellier