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Acast Paves the Way in Integrated Marketing Campaigns for Podcast Advertisers

Acast Paves the Way in Integrated Marketing Campaigns for Podcast Advertisers


March 7, 2024

Seamless integrations across video, social media, live events and more from Acast supercharges podcast advertising to meet industry demand from podcasters and advertisers

Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, is leading new approaches to integrated marketing campaigns for podcast advertisers around the globe. Since launching its first multichannel campaign more than six years ago, Acast has continued to harness the power of podcasters in the $250 billion global creator economy to help brands reach audiences across traditional and emerging media channels.

Proving the power of podcasters in the creator economy, a recent study by Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights found half of weekly podcast consumers follow their favorite podcasters on social media. According to this same study, this number increases to 68% when looking specifically at podcast listeners between the ages of 18 and 34. Simultaneously, as podcasters and fans have explored their love for the medium across various channels, advertisers have seen the value of multichannel campaigns. In 2023, Acast saw a 46% increase in advertisers booking multichannel campaigns from the year before. To meet this demand, Acast has continued to expand its expert strategic recommendations and campaign execution for podcast advertisers across video, social media, live events and more for maximum scale and impact.

“Over the years Acast has continued to refine its multichannel offerings because of increased demand for advertisers looking to spread their message across a variety of platforms. Most recently at Acast we’ve also seen more and more podcasters show interest in working with brands to monetize not only their podcasts, but also other media where they connect with their dedicated audiences,” said SVP of the Creator Network at Acast Veronika Taylor.

Podcast advertising is highly effective on its own and new research indicates that incorporating complementary activity across social and digital media as well as earned channels including live events and retail lines maximizes awareness, engagement and performance from campaigns In fact, a study by Nielsen found that coordinated messaging across podcasts, social media, and TV drove a 3.5x lift in brand awareness compared to podcast advertising alone. The key element to succeeding in these multichannel integrated marketing campaigns is consistent and coordinated messaging across all platforms.

“Podcast advertising generates fantastic results on its own, but optimizing campaigns across social, video and live events takes impact to the next level,” said Greg Glenday, Acast’s Chief Business Officer. “There’s a lot of noise around video in particular in podcasting right now but for us, short-form video from podcasting is probably the biggest opportunity for advertisers and creators. With our in-house capabilities and creativity at Acast, we’re perfectly poised to help advertisers reach truly engaged podcast fans and dominate the cultural conversation”

Acast has been a trailblazer in innovative “beyond the podcast” advertising solutions for top global brands including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Ikea, Maker’s Mark, and many more via its in-house agency, Acast Creative. Campaigns have expertly combined podcast advertising with complementary social media activations, in-person events, merchandise and more. This integrated approach has proven highly effective at driving awareness, engagement and sales for Acast advertisers across markets worldwide. For example:

In a recent Maker’s Mark multichannel campaign on the Your Mama’s Kitchen podcast, Acast’s US team created a social media component of the campaign that highlighted a recipe from each guest that was nostalgic of their mother’s kitchens. The results included social media posts highlighting family recipes from the likes of Mrs. Michelle Obama, Conan O’Brien, Al Roker, and more.

In the UK, Behind The Lock – a unique multichannel series for WhatsApp – delivered over 500,000 listens and 2.5 million views on social media.

In France, a live activation for L’Oreal at the iconic L’Olympia Theatre in Paris resulted in 12 million views for content from the event on social media, 500,000 views on YouTube and 300,000 listens to podcast episodes recorded live.

In Australia, an original multichannel series for Samsung called Rule Benders drove impressive results for the brand, with a 22% increase in purchase intent.

Team Canada recently partnered with Dove’s Self Esteem Project for a bonus episode of the beloved Cat and Nat Unfiltered podcast duo where they discussed the challenges of parenting teenage daughters and unrealistic beauty standards put on them by social media. The campaign included a social media post promoting detoxing social media feeds and following positive influences for young girls and women.

“Taking a multichannel approach to the Dove Self Esteem Project campaign with the Cat and Nat Unfiltered podcast and the show’s Instagram page enabled us to harness both the intimate host-to-listener connection of podcasting as well as the viral nature of social media,” said Laura Douglas, Dove Marketing Lead at Unilever. “Working with Acast on this campaign, we experienced the team’s deep and widespread marketing knowledge, talent relationships, and technical expertise needed to seamlessly execute multichannel campaigns that delivered phenomenal reach and resonance for the Dove brand.”

Soon, advertisers using Acast’s self-serve ad platform will be able to see podcasters available for creating video campaigns as well as audio.

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