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Access to Inspiration podcast unveils 2024 Impact Report highlighting the importance of the guest experience

Access to Inspiration podcast unveils 2024 Impact Report highlighting the importance of the guest experience

Access to Inspiration podcast

June 17, 2024

The Access to Inspiration podcast, a not-for-profit platform dedicated to uplifting and motivating listeners through compelling conversations, is proud to announce the release of its 2024 Impact Report – also known as “the podcast report card.”

The report underscores the significance of the guest experience, showing that it’s just as important as listener downloads. Notably, over 40% of Access to Inspiration guests were first-time podcasters. Of these guests, 30% reported a shift in their perception of podcasting due to their participation in the show. This experience significantly influenced their motivation to appear on other shows, consider becoming hosts, or even start their own podcasts. Guests consistently praised the host’s professional and empathetic approach, emphasizing how well-researched questions and organic conversations made them feel valued and encouraged to share their stories.

In addition to enhancing guest experiences, the podcast has expanded its reach to listeners in over 30 countries, with strategic partnerships playing a crucial role. Notable collaborations include a series on climate solutions with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and episodes republished by BBC Radio.

Listeners continued to be positively impacted by the podcast, with many reporting being inspired to take bold steps in their careers and personal lives. One listener, Eveline van den Heuvel, reflected “I see the impact report as vital for two reasons. One, it gives insight into the episodes and how the podcast is growing, but it also speaks to me of the reverence with which the founding team, Sue Stockdale and Clive Steeper, live according to their own values and hold themselves accountable. I find it inspiring and it motivates me to do the same – to be very discerning about why I am doing what I’m doing, what values underpin it, and how I can live according to those values.”

Looking ahead the podcast intends to remain audio-only. Host Sue Stockdale commented, “We believe that the guest experience can be diminished by distractions like video. Focusing on audio-only helps guests, particularly those new to podcasting, to be more relaxed and just focus on the conversation.”

For more information and to read the full Impact Report, visit

Impact Report