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AdLarge Debuts the fwd. network, Partners with Consumable, Bringing the Largest Female Audience Together Through an Exclusive Partnership

AdLarge Debuts the fwd. network, Partners with Consumable, Bringing the Largest Female Audience Together Through an Exclusive Partnership


February 28, 2024

New York, NY- AdLarge, a leader in podcast advertising sales, announced the unveiling of their new female podcast network today; the fwd. network. Poised to bring advertisers and female creators together, this network will provide access to exclusive female-centric digital content and audiences.

The fwd. network delivers content dedicated to championing the stories, perspectives, and voices that have long been underrepresented in the world of audio and beyond. Today, the fwd. network boasts a diverse range of shows curated with intention across a multitude of topics, each with a unique perspective.

Complementing the launch of the fwd. network, AdLarge announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Consumable, the leading emerging audio technology platform, to expand the reach of audio advertising to female consumers through exclusive and top-tier audio supply, at scale. AdLarge and Consumable, both trailblazers in the audio advertising space, recognize the buying power and influence of women in marketing and together will provide advertisers the opportunity to engage with the largest female-led and female-targeted content and audience in the marketplace today.

AdLarge’s extensive audio advertising experience combined with Consumable’s premium female audience positions this partnership as a game-changer in the industry, granting advertisers a unique and impactful way to directly connect with their target audience.

Through this massive emerging audio supply, advertisers will have access to exclusive female audiences in uncluttered environments and the ability to reach them quickly at an unprecedented scale. This isn’t just a partnership, this is the collaborative and innovative future of the industry, offering advertisers the keys to unlocking unparalleled success in the ever-evolving world of podcast advertising.

Key features of this partnership include:

  1. 250 Million Monthly Exclusive Audio Impressions: Advertisers will have exclusive access to 250 million monthly audio impressions, ensuring unparalleled access to a vast and engaged audience.
  2. Audience Curation with Contextual Data Segments: Through contextual data segments, advertisers will be able to tailor their messages to specific female-first demographics and interest categories. This ensures a more personalized and resonant experience with the female listeners.
  3. Expanded Female-First Media Capabilities: Aligning with both companies’ dedication to empowering and connecting females who are underrepresented in media today, this partnership has created one of the largest networks of “female first” audio ad inventory in the market today.


Commenting on today’s announcement, AdLarge CEO, Cathy Csukas said, “We are elated to announce our fwd. Network and our Consumable partnership today! Our focus has been and continues to be to serve female podcasters and their listeners by helping them build sustainable businesses while amplifying their voices and communities. This collaborative venture promises an optimal experience brimming with innovation and opportunities, providing advertisers with unprecedented reach and the means to connect seamlessly with a broad audience of female consumers at scale.”

“Our exclusive partnership with AdLarge marks a milestone in the evolution of audio advertising. We are confident in delivering a groundbreaking advertising solution to both brands and audiences. We are particularly excited about our initial focus on curating female-focused audiences and strengthening equality through expanded media inclusion that aligns with our commitment to diversity and empowerment.” Said Mark Levin, CEO of Consumable.

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