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AdLarge’s fwd. network Adds Right Answers Mostly to Podcast Line Up

AdLarge’s fwd. network Adds Right Answers Mostly to Podcast Line Up

AdLarge: the fwd. network

April 15, 2024

AdLarge, a leader in podcast advertising sales, proudly welcomes Right Answers Mostly as the latest addition to its fwd. network. This addition underscores AdLarge and the fwd. network’s commitment to providing an open platform for female voices to amplify their narratives and perspectives.

Right Answers Mostly, co-created and hosted by Tess Bellomo and Claire Donald, is the podcast on what you didn’t learn about in history class, but wanted to, with an unfiltered deep dive into the stories absent from your school textbooks.

Claire Donald, a multi-faceted actor, writer, and producer, well known for her role on the television show, Shameless, and Tess Bellomo, a Los Angeles-based producer, director, writer, photographer and creator of the web series, “Liked” which was licensed to Elizabeth Bank’s digital platform, “WhoHaha,” initially partnered up to create a female-run production company. Through their company, they have propelled numerous female-founded startups into the spotlight by producing more than 20 social media advertisements for brands such as Bev Rose, Harper Wilde, Happy Again Pet, Almost 30 Podcast, and Drink Apres.

In each episode of Right Answers Mostly, Claire and Tess embark on a journey through history, accompanied by a cocktail in hand, to enlighten and entertain their audience. From unraveling the mysteries surrounding the history of Playboy to dissecting infamous events like the tragic murder of Jon-Benèt Ramsey and the allure of Studio 54, their discussions leave listeners both informed and captivated.

“We are thrilled to join forces with AdLarge’s fwd. network and their exceptional team,” said Tess and Claire. “History has always been told predominantly by men in a pretty intimidating manner. We recognized an opportunity for women to re-examine a lot of these stories we were told in school and make it feel more like gossiping with your friends over a cocktail while learning a lot. We aim to be really approachable, entertaining, and also empathetic.”

Episodes drop weekly every Monday.

Right Answers Mostly can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.

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