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AdThos Uses AI to Create Fully Produced Audio Ads from a Picture

AdThos Uses AI to Create Fully Produced Audio Ads from a Picture


December 19, 2023

Leading AI Audio Platform Adthos today announced the release of a groundbreaking new feature that uses AI technology to turn a picture into a fully produced audio ad.

With this latest innovation, users can now generate a complete audio ad simply by uploading a picture such as a product image, billboard ad, or even a photo of a storefront. This cutting-edge feature leverages the latest AI technology to analyze visual elements to create an engaging script before selecting suitable AI voices, music and sound effects to deliver a fully produced audio ad.

The platform uses AI to analyze the content of a picture, identifying brands, slogans, styles, target audience and much more to write a creative brief. From the creative brief an ad script is created, voices, music and sound effects are curated before mixing all the elements together in a matter of minutes.

“Adthos is committed to revolutionizing the way audio advertising is produced,” says Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos.. “Our new feature is a game-changer, instantly unlocking the potential of audio advertising for anyone that can take a picture”

Adthos Creative Studio’s new feature is an exciting addition to the Self-Service portal, designed to streamline the ad creation process and bring the power of AI to businesses of all sizes. Whether a seasoned marketer or a start-up business owner, anyone can leverage this feature to create dynamic and engaging audio ads that resonate with their target audience.

The makers of Adthos have created a short video introduction to the feature to provide more insight on the possibilities. Those interested in experiencing the creative power of this new feature for themselves can apply for a free trial via the website.

About Adthos:

Adthos is a leading AI Audio Platform, utilizing the latest in AI voice, text-to-speech and other AI technologies. The company is dedicated to developing innovative tools that help publishers and broadcasters and content creators streamline their processes and expand their reach to global audiences. For more information, visit or contact


Robyn Grafton