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Airship and Rhapsody Voices Announce New True Crime Podcast, American Criminal

Airship and Rhapsody Voices Announce New True Crime Podcast, American Criminal


February 5, 2024

Award-winning podcaster and CEO of Airship, Lindsay Graham, has announced a multi-show partnership with Rhapsody Voices for the first launch of the new true crime podcast American Criminal.

With a Webby award and Ambie nominations, Graham is no stranger to leading chart-topping podcasts. He has amassed hundreds of millions of listens through his podcasts American Scandal, American History Tellers, History Daily, American Elections: Wicked Game and more.

This new venture, however, sees Graham jump into the world of true crime. American Criminal is a weekly true crime podcast that dives deep into the country’s most infamous felons, historical and modern, from mob bosses to Crypto kings. Every week, the show reveals the men and women who cheated, lied, and murdered in their own twisted pursuit of the American dream.

Hosted by Jeremy Schwartz (the voice of Edwin Stanton in Airship’s critically acclaimed series 1865), each episode of American Criminal is as thoroughly researched as it is gripping. Listeners will delve into the minds of America’s worst villains and their victims, learn important historical context, and peek behind the curtain of every case, manhunt, mystery and “trial of the century.”

With Rhapsody Voices set to launch, sell and distribute the podcast exclusively, it is now available for presale and is expected to be a popular host-read sponsorship and endorsement vehicle for brands, including custom sponsorships.

Rhapsody Voices was founded by a team of digital natives with deep experience at top 5 podcasting networks. The company has the focus and commitment to create win-win opportunities in the podcasting marketplace – zealously representing shows while staying committed to identifying and developing strong advertising and sponsorship opportunities that truly produce results for agencies and brands.

“American Criminal is a big leap for us, pulling together everything we’ve learned from hundreds of hand-crafted, highly-produced episodes of narrative storytelling. 2023 was a year of tumult for the industry, but Airship is growing. New staff, new shows, new hosts, new topics—and a new alliance with Mike and Rhapsody Voices,” says Graham regarding the series and the new partnership.

CEO of Rhapsody, Mike Jensen, commented, “Rhapsody Voices is excited to partner with hitmaker Airship as they expand into true crime with premium storytelling.”

Together, Rhapsody Voices and Airship will launch this new, unique entry in the ever popular true crime podcasting space. The show premiers on February 29th.