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AMA Launches AI-Powered Features for Personalized Audio Advertising on Spotify, Pandora, Acast, iHeart, and More

AMA Launches AI-Powered Features for Personalized Audio Advertising on Spotify, Pandora, Acast, iHeart, and More


June 14, 2023

New hyper-targeted product suite will elevate listeners’ affinity and advertisement relevance to maximize campaign effectiveness, outcomes and experiences.

New York, NY and London, UK – AMA, the global leader in dynamic creative and personalization for digital audio advertising, today announced the launch of its innovative AI-powered product features, Studio.AI, designed to further enhance the speed and precision of the AMA dynamic decisioning engine. The new solution intelligently syncs audio files with script lines and selects relevant data triggers for highly-personalized ad experiences and is available for use across leading audio platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Acast and iHeart.

The digital audio advertising market has skyrocketed, fueled by consumer adoption of premium content through music streaming services and podcasts, increased programmatic availability of inventory for advertisers, and advertiser interest in investing in privacy-safe channels. In 2023, digital audio ad investments are expected to surpass $10 billion, and within the next four years, will climb to nearly $13 billion.* To continue to unlock growth, particularly from new and smaller brand advertisers, however, the production and targeting of campaigns must become more intelligently automated and data-driven.

“Brands, big and small should be equipped with creative capabilities enabling them to develop experiences that are scalable, performant and cost-effective,” said Steve Dunlop, Founder and CEO of AMA. “We are introducing AI that, makes it easier to build and launch campaigns that are tailored and high-performing, thereby reducing the barriers to entry for advertising on digital audio”

Enter the Studio.AI product suite. Built into AMA’s flagship platform, AMA Studio, this suite activates AI to:

Effortless Audio-Script Synchronization

Studio.AI streamlines the creative process for producers by automatically matching the ideal audio voice elements to each script, ensuring a seamless and engaging listening experience for users. With this feature, producers can reduce time-to-live, bring ideas to life quicker, and reach audiences with the benefits of dynamic content faster than ever before.

Hyper-Personalization with Data Triggers

Studio.AI enables advertisers to deliver tailored and relevant audio ads to listeners by choosing the best data triggers such as location, date/time, weather, device type, events and ad rotation. This technology enhances ad engagement and effectiveness by ensuring each listener receives a unique and contextually relevant ad experience.

“The launch of these AI-powered features marks a significant milestone in digital audio advertising,” said Paul Kelly, CRO of AMA. “By harnessing the power of AI to support, enhance and accelerate dynamic creative optimization, we are making incredible leaps in helping advertisers connect with listeners, delivering highly personalized and effective experiences and campaigns.”

In addition to these advanced features, AMA is exploring integrations with other powerful AI tools available including OpenAI’s ChatGPT to support creative development. This collaboration will further enable advertisers to craft highly engaging and personalized audio ads, amplifying their campaigns’ impact.

Studio.AI’s features are now available around the world for advertisers taking advantage of audio platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Acast and iHeart among others who are already partnered with AMA. Brands currently using the new AI-powered features include Target, Walmart, Google, and among others.

To learn more about AMA and how the company’s technology delivers customized, data-driven, dynamic ads on the world’s largest audio platforms, visit AMA team will be present at the much anticipated 2023 Cannes Lions Festival, France from June 19-23 and will be discussing this new offering. Interested advertisers and agency partners can reach out to meet with AMA technology experts on-site and in-person at

About AMA

AMA is the leader in Dynamic Creative for audio. We deliver customized, data-driven, dynamic ads on the world’s largest audio platforms.

By using any combination of contextual and audience-level data we can dynamically serve the most relevant and actionable ad to each listener. With over 10 billion ad impressions served to date, our platform automates the delivery of ‘platform-intelligent’ ads across all audio formats including streaming, podcast, and broadcast radio.

Founded in 2015 with offices in New York and London, we have delivered personalized ads across the globe for leading brands such as Google, Walmart, Target, Uber, Amazon, McDonalds, American Express and Meta.

*Statista, Digital Audio Advertising – Worldwide, 2023