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AMA’s Studio.AI Now Supports 100,000 Locations for Hyper-Personalized Audio Ads

AMA’s Studio.AI Now Supports 100,000 Locations for Hyper-Personalized Audio Ads


February 1, 2024

New AI feature enables more targeted ads for multi-location brands in retail, QSR, hospitality, and travel industries

New York, NY and London, UK – [Feb 1, 2024] – AMA, the global leader in dynamic creative and personalization for digital audio advertising, today announced the launch of a new “Long List” feature, where streaming audio advertisers can now add up to 100,000 locations to be referenced and featured specifically in each ad verbally. Previously, advertisers could add only 200 locations – this marks a massive increase, supporting US national brands with thousands of locations, including retail, QSR, hospitality and travel, and beyond. The Long List feature offers precise targeting through either latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates or ZIP codes, providing extreme granularity at a national scale. With this new capability, advertisers can ensure they reach their target audience everywhere with relevant and personalized messages.

“The Long List feature is a valuable addition to Studio.AI, as advertisers can now access a bespoke script that’s adapted to any of the thousands of locations,” said Steve Dunlop, Founder and CEO of AMA. “Expanded capabilities to Studio.AI only enhances the value our AMA Suite brings to advertisers as we continue to offer dynamic creative for ads on the world’s largest audio platforms.”

The new feature is part of AMA’s Studio.AI product. Studio.AI was designed to further enhance the speed and precision of the AMA dynamic decisioning engine. Launched last year in June, the solution intelligently syncs audio files with script lines and selects relevant data triggers for highly-personalized ad experiences and is available for use across leading audio platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Acast and iHeart. Long List syncing is driven by Studio.AI’s AI feature set.

Studio.AI seamlessly harmonizes audio files with script lines, meticulously curating a selection of pertinent data triggers, encompassing location, date/time, weather, device type, events, and ad rotation. This cutting-edge technology simplifies the process of crafting and launching highly-customized, high-impact audio ad campaigns, democratizing the advertising landscape for both industry giants and emerging brands.

In addition, AMA has integrated other valuable AI solutions, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, with the objective of amplifying creative development within the realm of audio advertising. This groundbreaking evolution in AI-powered features signifies a substantial progression within the digital audio advertising arena, equipping advertisers with the means to forge deeper, more personal connections with their target audience, maximizing campaign effectiveness and engagement.

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AMA is the leader in Dynamic Creative for audio. We deliver customized, data-driven, dynamic ads on the world’s largest audio platforms.

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