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Amaze Media Labs launches its New audiencelift Platform

Amaze Media Labs launches its New audiencelift Platform

Amaze Media Labs

March 25, 2024


audiencelift Press Release – March 25, 2024

Amaze Media Labs launches its new audiencelift platform

Today, Amaze Media Labs officially brings Trailergram out of beta and relaunches its AI-powered audience growth platform with a new name and new features at

“Ten years after Serial thrust podcasting into the mainstream, creators and publishers are still struggling to consistently drive audience growth and improve discoverability for their content,” said Travis Albritton, Head of Marketing at Amaze Media Labs. “After thorough beta testing alongside many of podcasting’s biggest networks, publishers, and creators since its debut last August at Podcast Movement we’re excited to bring our Trailergram product out of beta and officially launch it as the first promotion tool on our new audiencelift platform.”

Today, audiencelift allows podcasters to promote an audio trailer for their show on Amaze Media Lab’s premium publisher network, serving impressions and trailer plays alongside contextually relevant articles, expertly matching the podcaster’s content with their ideal listener. Engaged listeners can then subscribe to receive push notifications alerting them of new episodes as they are released, downloading podcast episodes directly from the creator’s RSS feed.

“We have been consistently blown away by the results creators and publishers have been reporting after using audiencelift,” said Amaze Founder Robert Tuchman. “Podcasters are seeing IAB-compliant downloads for anywhere between $0.05 and $0.15, and we fully expect those numbers to continue improving as we begin rolling out future improvements and enhancements in the next few months.”

The audiencelift platform aims to be an all-encompassing promotion solution, with additional audio, YouTube, brand, and social media growth products currently in development.

Amaze Media Labs will be showcasing audiencelift by exhibiting it at Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles, CA on March 27th, 28th, and 29th.


About Amaze Media Labs

Founded in 2020 by Robert Tuchman and Brett Sklar, Amaze Media Labs was built to help brands succeed on the next frontier of community engagement with podcasts. The Amaze Media Labs platform consists of branded podcasts and audience development solutions, like audiencelift. For more information, visit and