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“An Epic English Tale Reimagined in the American South…By an Englishman.”

“An Epic English Tale Reimagined in the American South…By an Englishman.”

Mind's Eye Podcasts

May 16, 2024



Philadelphia, May 16, 2024 – Mind’s Eye Podcasts announce the release of their inaugural production.

Leah’s Gals, a limited five-part original audio drama, is written, produced, edited and directed by award-winning playwright and actor Andrew Biss. It is adapted from his play of the same name, which in turn is loosely based on Shakespeare’s epic tragedy, King Lear and takes place in the American South of the present day.

About: It begins as Leah summons her three daughters to her home to announce that she’s won the state lottery’s biggest prize, and while they are all elated by her good fortune, when one of them dares to speak truth to power it sets off a devastating chain of events. Long-held grievances and newfound wealth lead to familial treachery, violence and death.

Combining dark humor with even darker, harrowing tragedy, Leah’s Gals is an aurally immersive experience you won’t soon forget.

Greed, lust, drugs, and Capodimonte combust in a low-rent, Southern fried twist on a literary classic

Work on the show began in the spring of 2023, and the first episode was released in March of 2024, with the other four episodes released on a weekly basis thereafter. The fifth and final episode will be released on April 24, 2024.


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Media Contact: Andrew Biss, Writer/Producer


Phone: 1-267-258-1836



Press Kit: Available here