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Announcing OpenRAP: The First Automated Host-Read Ad Platform Available Across Podcast Hosting Platforms

Announcing OpenRAP: The First Automated Host-Read Ad Platform Available Across Podcast Hosting Platforms


March 20, 2024

Today, RedCircle announces OpenRAP, the first and only product delivering fully-automated host-read advertising across hosting platforms. With OpenRAP, podcast publishers can have new host-read advertising demand delivered directly into their content by RedCircle; all without switching podcast hosts. OpenRAP takes the power and automation of the RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP), and brings it to podcasts throughout the ecosystem.

Historically, RAP’s unique value is that it combines an automated workflow system for host reads with RedCircle’s podcast hosting. This means podcasters aren’t responsible for flighting their ads, handling measurement pixels, providing reports on delivery, or any of the other time-consuming steps for completing a deal. Beginning today, podcasters on other hosts can connect to OpenRAP, and get all the same benefits of RedCircle’s fully-automated host-read system. Through a VAST interconnection, RAP can automatically manage ad insertion, measurement, and reporting. All podcasters have to do is accept a deal, upload their ad read, and RedCircle takes care of everything else, including depositing payment into your bank account.

RedCircle has been beta-testing OpenRAP over the last several months. OpenRAP is already connected to more than 100 podcasts representing more than 6 million monthly downloads. So far, the product has garnered impressive results for both independent podcasters and large networks alike. Podcasts like All The Hacks and Living Corporate have run some of the platform’s first deals, and major networks like Gen-Z Media, and are all using the new platform. Zach Nunn, host of the podcast Living Corporate said “OpenRAP has brought us new host-read ad deals, quickly adding new revenue for our podcast, without moving off of our current host.”

While speaking about OpenRAP, Mike Kadin, CEO of RedCircle explains “there have been many attempts to build open marketplaces for host-read ads, but most of those products failed to scale because so much depends on the podcaster taking manual action.” Kadin says that what makes RAP unique as a scalable host-read system is that it not only moves all of the manual coordination steps that come with a sponsorship into a web application, but it also automatically sets up the proper flighting, measurement, and reporting directly at the point of distribution. “It’s a truly seamless deal flow,” says Kadin, “but in the past it was limited to podcasts hosted on RedCircle. With OpenRAP, we are extremely excited to bring RAP to podcasts throughout the creator community, all without losing any of the automation that makes RAP unique and powerful.”

OpenRAP functions similarly to VAST-based programmatic integrations. If a podcaster sells their own ads, OpenRAP sits behind their direct-sold campaigns. RedCircle fills whatever available inventory there is with high-CPM ads in your own style and in your own voice. It’s a better experience for listeners, and it’s more revenue for podcasters.

Over the last 4 years since the launch of RAP, RedCircle has been focused on a single vision: that software can make host-read ads truly scalable. The RedCircle team believes that there’s a better future for host-read, where the emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, and mailed checks are a thing of the past. Systematically, RedCircle has built functionality into RAP that eliminates every bit of friction in a deal. With fully-automated tools for pre-vetting campaigns, tracking pixel management, script distribution, promo codes, product samples, invoicing, payouts, and more, RAP has been delivering on its mission; RedCircle has deployed over 7,000 unique host-read ads, more than 500,000 unique programmatic ads, and has generated over $16 million for podcast creators. With OpenRAP, RedCircle is incredibly excited to bring the power of RAP to everyone. By providing a more automated host-read experience to both creators and brands, RedCircle will help ensure that the host-read ad format can scale with the podcast industry’s growth.

“At the heart of RedCircle has always been our core mission: to get podcasters paid” says Kadin. “We believe RAP is making podcast advertising more accessible, efficient, and rewarding for creators and advertisers alike. OpenRAP isn’t just our latest achievement; it’s a stepping stone towards a future where the full potential of podcasting as an advertising medium is unlocked for everyone.”


Want to learn more? Check out our video announcing OpenRAP.