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Audio Ad Data Breakthrough: Sonnant & Podder Merge Content Signals + Audience Demographics

Audio Ad Data Breakthrough: Sonnant & Podder Merge Content Signals + Audience Demographics


October 8, 2023

Sonnant & Podder announced a pioneering advertising data layer for audio.

By uniting demographic audience and content data capabilities they have made breakthroughs in audio advertising targeting, planning and measurement.

Melbourne, Australia [9 October 2023] — In another world-first, Sonnant and Podder have joined forces to reshape the future of audio data. This partnership combines Sonnant’s pioneering content data with Podder’s cutting-edge demographic analytics, redefining content planning, targeting and the discovery of both exposed and unexposed audiences.

Tony Simmons, Founder and CEO of Sonnant, says “This partnership isn’t just about data; it’s about elevating audio to an essential marketing channel by delivering advertising that resonates contextually, maximising its reach and impact.”

Christian Sorenson, founder of Podder stated, “We’ve redefined the value of audio targeting tools. Our demographic data can show the most engaged audiences, and coupled with Sonnant’s content data, customers will now be able to unlock targeting, planning and measurement for audio that has been talked about for a long time.”

Sonnant, renowned for its ground-breaking work in content analysis, has harnessed the power of AI to decode the nuances of spoken-word content. Sonnant’s platform allows publishers and advertisers to uncover and structure content signals, intent, sentiment, and themes, setting a new standard for contextual advertising.

Podder, a trailblazer in audio and demographic analytics, provides unparalleled insights into listener demographics, preferences, and behaviour. Their advanced analytics empower content creators and advertisers to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that their messages resonate with precisely the right audiences.

Together, Sonnant and Podder are poised to:

  • Elevate Content Planning: By fusing Sonnant’s content data with Podder’s analytics, content planners gain unprecedented insights into their audience’s desires.
  • Laser-Sharp Targeting: Advertisers can harness demographic analytics to uncover their ideal audience with surgical precision, optimising campaign efficiency and ROI.
  • Unearth Unexposed Audiences: The combined analysis of content data and demographic insights will unveil untapped audiences and markets, unlocking new growth opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike.

Get ready for a transformation in qualitative audience data and targeting capabilities as Sonnant and Podder join demographic and content data sets to shape the future of audio advertising.

About Sonnant

Sonnant uses AI & ML to transform audio into data for the digital era. The Sonnant platform transforms broadcast, podcast, radio and streaming audio into data. This data is delivered into industry-wide cases to power monetisation and delivery workflow automation at every stage of the audio publishing lifecycle.


Podder is a leader in audio and demographic analytics, providing insights that enable content creators and advertisers to connect with their target audience effectively. Their data-driven approach maximises the impact of audio content and advertising.


Tony Simmons