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Ausha officially launches PSO Control Panel: a Game-Changing New Tool for Enhancing Podcast Visibility

Ausha officially launches PSO Control Panel: a Game-Changing New Tool for Enhancing Podcast Visibility


February 7, 2024

Ausha, a leader in Podcast Marketing, is thrilled to announce the official launch of the PSO Control Panel, an innovative tool designed to enhance podcast visibility on major platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

In an increasingly crowded listening apps ecosystem, podcasters often struggle to be picked, even when producing high-quality content. Recognizing this challenge, Ausha took a unique approach to address the issue: the PSO (Podcast Search Optimization) Control Panel. This cutting-edge feature promises to revolutionize podcast visibility on key platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

“Ausha is deeply dedicated to equipping podcasters with the most advanced tools for amplifying their audience reach. In determining which tools to incorporate into Ausha, we have collaborated directly with podcasters. This led to the creation of The PSO Control Panel, a pioneering solution that significantly boosts podcast visibility for the intended audience,” explains Maxime Piquette, CEO of Ausha. “Working together lets us meet our users’ expanding needs and keep up with the fast-changing podcast industry. At Ausha, innovation is key, and we promise to regularly update the PSO Control Panel, ensuring it remains a leading tool for podcast optimization.”

The PSO Control Panel is the result of an extensive collaboration with a dedicated group of 100 podcast creators from around the world who played a pivotal role in shaping and refining the tool. During the beta testing phase, they were able to experience the PSO Control Panel firsthand and were impressed by the results they achieved.

The PSO Control Panel has shown some promising initial results. For instance, the podcast ‘What Fresh Hell,’ focused on parenthood, reached #1 on Apple Podcasts for the keyword ‘Parenting Tips’ within just 24 hours. How ? By strategically optimizing its metadata and consistently monitoring its PSO strategy daily with the PSO Control Panel, just like an SEO expert would do.

Accessible now to Ausha users, the PSO Control Panel simplifies the process of enhancing podcast visibility into 4 straightforward steps:

  • Set up your keywords, with or without AI assistance.
  • Monitor your rankings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify in real-time.
  • Improve your metadata thanks to your results
  • Become the #1 in Apple Podcasts & Spotify search results

To gain deeper insights into the capabilities of the PSO Control Panel, join Maxime Piquette, CEO of Ausha, in an engaging presentation. Reserve your spot for the live event:

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Time: 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT

Link to registration

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