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Ausha Opens Its AI-Based Innovation to All Users

Ausha Opens Its AI-Based Innovation to All Users


May 24, 2023

Last April, Ausha announced the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its Social Media Manager as a beta test. For one month, 100 podcasters were selected to experience this technology firsthand.

In just one click, ChatGPT analyzes the metadata of a new podcast episode and provides podcasters with a complete post, including relevant hashtags.

The results from this beta testing phase are showing great promise today:

Thanks to this feature, podcasters have created an average of three times more posts on social media and achieved 2.3 times more impressions.

These impressive results were made possible through the simplicity and speed of ChatGPT, combined with Ausha’s Social Media Manager.

With this functionality, podcasters can now fully automate their social media communication, from post creation to scheduling and publication.

After one month of beta testing with a limited group of podcasters, Ausha is proud to announce the availability of this feature to all podcasters using the platform (at no additional cost).

ChatGPT in the Social Media Manager is the first step in integrating artificial intelligence into the Ausha platform, as mentioned by CEO Max P in his manifesto, where he shares his vision. The startup is determined to be at the forefront of this technology by placing AI at the core of its roadmap for the coming months.

AI will become a valuable aid for podcasters, making podcast creation simpler and faster. At Ausha, we stand on the side of pioneers, innovators, and creators. We believe that technology should be accessible through a smooth, simple, and enjoyable interface. That’s why we have decided to heavily invest in the integration of AI into our platform starting this year,” said Maxime Piquette, CEO of Ausha.”

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