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Ausha unveils Exclusive Study about Apple Podcasts Algorithm

Ausha unveils Exclusive Study about Apple Podcasts Algorithm

March 18, 2024

Ausha, a pioneer in Podcast Marketing, has conducted a groundbreaking study powered by its latest innovation, the PSO (Podcast Search Optimization) Control Panel.

This research reveals actionable tactics for influencing Apple Podcasts Search Results, providing podcasters with unparalleled insights on climbing the ranks of this highly competitive platform.

Until now, the mechanics of Apple Podcasts’ algorithm have been guided by Apple’s official guidelines, which highlight three critical factors that greatly influence search result rankings: Metadata, Listener Behavior and Popularity.

With this knowledge, Ausha analyzed over 1,000 keywords and more than 7 million search results to uncover what concretely affects a podcast’s ranking on Apple Podcasts. Ausha’s study provides podcasters with detailed insights to boost the visibility of their podcast:

  • 97% of Top 10 podcasts effectively use their main keyword into their metadata.
  • 65% of these top performers also feature the searched keyword prominently in their show title.
  • Incorporating your primary keyword into the show name can elevate your podcast by an average of 5 positions in search results.
  • Using your keyword at least 5 times in the show description can boost your podcast by an average of 9 positions in search results.
  • Including your best keyword at least 5 times in episode titles can lead to an average gain of 7 positions in search results.
  • Adding your keyword at least 6 times in episode descriptions can also increase your standing by an average of 7 positions in search results.

This study was made possible by Ausha’s latest innovation: the PSO Control Panel, a cutting-edge tool designed to help podcasters hit the top of search results in podcast apps by tracking podcast visibility for specific keywords.

The PSO Control Panel, available to Ausha users and to non-hosted Ausha users within Ausha PRO offers, has significantly enhanced the visibility of podcasts like those hosted by Amy and Sandra:

  • Amy, host of the “What Fresh Hell” podcast, has experienced significant growth since utilizing the PSO Control Panel. The podcast climbed to number 15 on Spotify for the keyword “Parenting” and made a notable debut in the rankings for “Moms” – moving to position 26 on Apple and 14 on Spotify, where it was previously invisible.
  • Moreover, Sandra’s French podcast “Naissance d’une maman” enjoyed a surge of 23% in downloads in 1 week only after applying metadata optimizations based on Ausha’s insightful studies.

To gain deeper insights about this study, join Odile Beniflah, Head of US of Ausha, in an engaging Webinar on how to become the #1 podcast in Apple search results with Ausha’s PSO Control Panel.