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Ausha’s PSO Control Panel Now Compatible with Every Hosting Platform

Ausha’s PSO Control Panel Now Compatible with Every Hosting Platform


February 28, 2024

The PSO Control Panel’s success has far surpassed expectations, prompting Ausha to extend access to podcasters hosted on competing platforms. In celebration of this milestone, Ausha is offering 50 complimentary PSO audits exclusively available to members of the Podnews community.

PSO (Podcast Search Optimization) has evolved from a little-known term to a crucial strategy, captivating the podcast industry with the introduction of Ausha’s latest innovation, the PSO Control Panel.

Success stories of PSO early adopters are beginning to pour in, highlighting impressive and swift growth outcomes, demonstrating the tool’s effectiveness.

For example, Amy’s podcast “What Fresh Hell” swiftly ascended to the top 15 on Spotify’s “Parenting” category and secured the number 1 spot for the keyword “Funny Moms” on Spotify. Meanwhile, Sandra’s “Birth of a mom” saw a remarkable 23% surge in downloads in just one week, thanks to the platform’s optimization recommendations.

As the effectiveness of the PSO Control Panel becomes more widely known, Ausha has experienced a notable surge in interest, with over 700 individuals attending live demos, revealing a growing demand for information.

Importantly, many podcasters hosted on alternative platforms have expressed a keen interest in accessing the PSO Control Panel, despite their podcasts not being hosted by Ausha.

Responding to this widespread appeal, Ausha’s technical teams have rapidly developed a groundbreaking solution that allows podcasters to link their shows to the PSO Control Panel without the need for hosting on Ausha’s platform. This marks the first time the platform has opened one of its proprietary Podcast Marketing tools to content not hosted by Ausha.

This access is currently exclusive to businesses via Ausha’s PRO offerings, due to the need for specialized technical development.

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