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Barometer Launches Barometer Wrapped

Barometer Launches Barometer Wrapped


December 4, 2023

Introducing Barometer Wrapped, a visual summary of brand suitability across the top 15 podcast genres of 2023!

Barometer Wrapped 2023 is an overview of brand suitability across the top 15 podcast genres of the year according to Edison. We gathered data from over 25k podcasts analyzed by Barometer across these genres and computed the median brand suitability data for each genre.

We say brand suitability because, across these 25k+ premium monetized podcasts monitored by Barometer, no genre had inventory below the floor. In fact no genre had a high risk median brand suitability score for any category.

Brand safety and brand suitability are among the chief concerns marketers have when scaling podcast buying. Barometer solves for this problem of scale through our patent pending, contextual AI powered brand integrity cloud. Barometer’s insights are actionable throughout the campaign from planning to targeting, monitoring and post.

In this report, our goal is to overcome fear & stereotypes about podcast brand suitability with through transparency!

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Check out the full report here!

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Frequency, Repetition, and Consumer Perceptions of Podcast Advertising

How much is too much when it comes to podcast advertising? In Ad Nauseam, Sounds Profitable's latest study, we surveyed 1,000 weekly podcast listeners to find out just where they stand on these expectations. The free half-hour webinar debuting the research will be hosted by Tom Webster on Wednesday, June 12th, at 3:00 p.m. EST.

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