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Breaking The Audio Fiction Form: A Panel Discussion featuring Jocelyn Kuritsky, Jenny Turner Hall, Arielle Nissenblatt, Davy Gardner, and James Scully — Next Wednesday, 1/31/2024 at 6:30PM at the Salmagundi Club in NYC

Breaking The Audio Fiction Form: A Panel Discussion featuring Jocelyn Kuritsky, Jenny Turner Hall, Arielle Nissenblatt, Davy Gardner, and James Scully — Next Wednesday, 1/31/2024 at 6:30PM at the Salmagundi Club in NYC

The Coffee House Club

January 22, 2024

We’re thrilled to bring “Breaking The Audio Fiction Form” to The Coffee House on Wednesday, January 31st in The Skylight Gallery. The past decade has seen a resurgence of audio listening in podcast form, but even with this growth, audio fiction has remained a minor genre within podcasting. Join us for a lively conversation on the unique art and culture of audio fiction, and learn about how our star panelists from the industry are creatively pushing the medium forward. We’ll have the chance to listen to trailers from the panelists’ recent work and ask them questions. It’s sure be a memorable night of media, mingling, and moxy—featuring:

Moderator Kirsten Nelson with panelists Jocelyn Kuritsky, Creator of the Telly Award winning A Simple Herstory; Peabody Award winning Writer/Director/Producer, Jenny Turner Hall; Arielle Nissenblatt, Founder and Head Curator of the EarBuds Podcast Collective and Community Marketing Manager at Descript; Davy Gardner, veteran Audio Writer/Creator and Head of Tribeca Audio, and James Scully, Radio Historian and Creator of the 2022 Tribeca audio selection Burning Gotham.

As always, the conversation and conviviality will continue over dinner downstairs after the program.


Bar: 5:30pm

Program: 6:30pm

Dinner: 7:30pm

Admission: Please note admission is free to our Wednesday Night Events series, but we’ve now added an option to give a donation to The Coffee House when you make your reservation. We appreciate your support! Thank you. Also, make sure to RSVP for dinner, if you’d like to join us. There will be an a la carte menu to choose from, and you can pay with a card or your membership account.



KIRSTEN NELSON is a writer, event content producer and host with a focus on sound, video and multisensory storytelling. For twenty-five years she has researched and written about creative technology innovators in entertainment, museums, workplace, education and immersive experience design. She works at the intersection of so many things, she decided to create the Cohort:Assemble event series to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and peer learning. She is also the editor of Nothing For Us, and founder and host of Nights of Nothing, an analog letter-writing salon for creating new stories from antique postcards and other written ephemera.


JOCELYN KURITSKY is an actor and creator, with a focus on experimental theater and new forms. She has performed in a wide array of NYC stage productions. She has also appeared on television, in film, and in audio fiction podcasts. Jocelyn is the creator of A Simple Herstory, a Telly Award winning multi-platform podcast series. Season 1 was honored at The Tank Theater’s 2022 Gala, and the series was also profiled in Forbes. She is also a founder and the actor-in-residence of the Drama Desk Award nominated & Lucille Lortel Award winning immersive theater company, Woodshed Collective. Along with her colleagues at Woodshed, she is one of the original conceivers of Broadway’s groundbreaking, Tony Award nominated KPOP.


JENNY TURNER HALL is a Peabody Award Winning Writer/Director/Producer at the forefront of multi-platform storytelling. She has projects in film, TV, podcasting, theater, and fiction. She wrote and directed a series for Marvel, Wastelanders: Wolverine, which became the top worldwide audio fiction podcast. Her Mars Patel became the first scripted podcast to win a Peabody Award, and went on to become a three-book serial with Candlewick Press. Most recently, Jenny directed Audible’s “Best of the Year,” I Think You’re Projecting.


ARIELLE NISSENBLATT is on the community team at Descript, she’s the founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective, and the host of two podcasts about the podcast industry – Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast, and Feedback with EarBuds. She is on the board of governors at The Podcast Academy and is one of the founders of The Podcast Taxonomy. She consults on podcast marketing and content strategy with Tink Media and is always thinking about ways to grow the pie of the greater audio industry. She wants to help you find your next favorite podcast.


DAVY GARDNER is an accomplished audio writer and creator whose work on networks like Radiotopia, Wondery, and Audible, has won multiple awards and honors. As Head of Tribeca Audio, he launched and oversees a division of Tribeca that develops and produces original series and events for various platforms, partners, and global audiences. As Tribeca’s Curator of Audio Storytelling he leads all aspects of the Festival’s Audio Storytelling Program. He is also a screenwriter, director, playwright, and performs and writes comedy for The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.


JAMES SCULLY is a native New Yorker who grew up in a home with three generations of family. James has created Breaking Walls, the docu-podcast on the history of U.S. network radio broadcasting, Burning Gotham, the audio soap opera set in 1835 New York City, and has directed, post-produced, adapted, and acted in scripted audio fiction productions, like the pilot for Frontier Gentleman, and the Frank Sinatra biopic musical And Then I Sing. He’s also a longtime SPERDVAC member, an actor with The Fireside Mystery Theatre, and a member of both the WGA Audio Alliance and The Podcast Academy.