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Bumper Launches Podcast X-Ray, a Free Podcast Research Tool

Bumper Launches Podcast X-Ray, a Free Podcast Research Tool


February 7, 2024

Bumper, a data-driven podcast growth agency, is excited to share Podcast X-Ray with the podcast community. Podcast X-Ray is a simple and free research tool that surfaces hidden podcast data and insights for more than 2.5 million shows.

Podcast X-Ray allows you to quickly get up to speed on a podcast you’ve never heard before. It provides a quick, at-a-glance summary of insights like:

  • Basic show information: Which language is spoken? Is the show episodic or serial? Which categories is the show listed in?
  • Publishing trends: When was the show first created? Is it still active? How deep is the back catalog? How consistently are new episodes published?
  • Contact information: Does the show have a website? Is an email address listed in its RSS feed?
  • Monetization: Is the show free to listen? Does it offer a paid subscription?
  • Technical details: Where are media files hosted? Which analytics prefixes appear in the feed? Is the show’s RSS feed valid?
  • Episode breakdown: Does the show contain a trailer? How long are episodes, on average? How many bonus episodes are published?

Podcast X-Ray was originally built as an internal resource for the Bumper team and its clients. With the help of Stephen Hallgren (Bumper’s fractional CTO), we significantly expanded Podcast X-Ray’s capabilities, and are making it available to a broader audience.