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Buzz Knight Media Announces the Upcoming Release of The Music Saved Me Podcast

Buzz Knight Media Announces the Upcoming Release of The Music Saved Me Podcast

Buzz Knight Media

August 9, 2023

Buzz Knight Media Productions, the renowned creator of the hit podcast ‘Takin A Walk,’ celebrating over 1 million downloads worldwide, is thrilled to unveil their latest creation, ‘Music Saved Me,’ a compelling podcast exploring the profound healing power of music.

Hosted by the esteemed radio and television personality, Lynn Hoffman, celebrated for her exceptional voice over talents, ‘Music Saved Me’ will delve deep into the lives of musicians who have experienced the therapeutic and transformative abilities of music.

Recognizing the prevalence of music as a coping mechanism and a healing tool for individuals dealing with mental illness, this podcast seeks to establish a profound connection between artists and their fans. Through heartfelt and uplifting discussions, artists will candidly share their personal journeys, offering a glimmer of hope and inspiration to listeners.

“As we began thinking about ‘Music Saved Me’ as a possibility, we found no shortage of moving and uplifting stories from musicians worldwide,” remarked Buzz Knight, the esteemed host and Producer. “Music possesses an unparalleled gift of healing powers that cannot be underestimated.”

Knight continued, “I eagerly anticipate bringing ‘Music Saved Me’ to both our loyal listeners and new audiences. In season 1, we have already captured heartfelt and authentic stories from renowned artists like Jelly Roll and Wynonna, and there is so much more to come.”

Legendary Music Producer and Documentary Film Maker Spencer Proffer serves as Executive Producer on Music Saved Me, and he commented:

“Lynn Hoffman is one of the most accomplished personalities in the business and with Buzz Knight steering the Music Saved Me ship, I have no doubt audiences will love this podcast globally.”

‘Music Saved Me’ promises to be a soul-stirring journey, offering a unique perspective on the profound impact of music in navigating life’s challenges. The podcast’s engaging narratives and intimate conversations will undoubtedly resonate with a broad spectrum of audiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry and humanity behind each musical creation.

Stay tuned next week for the much-anticipated release of ‘Music Saved Me,’ a podcast that will illuminate the powerful and transformative relationship between music and the human spirit.

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