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Catch The New Season Premiere of Realm’s Leading Horror Franchise

Catch The New Season Premiere of Realm’s Leading Horror Franchise


August 24, 2023


From Norman Corwin award-winning creator Fred Greenhalgh comes the latest installment of Undertow launching on Realm August 25

New York, August 24th, 2023 — Realm, the world’s largest scripted podcast network with nearly 300 shows and 6000 hours of audio entertainment, announced today a new mini-season of the hit podcast Undertow, based on the real story of an asteroid falling in Northern Maine and a cash prize being offered for its retrieval. The next story in the ongoing Undertow universe, The Pulse is set to premiere Friday, August 25, with episodes releasing weekly for three weeks.

In The Pulse, the story begins as it did in real life: a meteor shoots across the sky of Northern Maine and a cash prize is offered to explorers who find pieces of the fallen meteorite. However, unlike real life, the meteorite in this world starts issuing erratic pulses that cause treasure hunters to give in to their basest instincts. With real money—and fame—on the line, what lengths will competitors go to win, and what surprises await them within the great woods of Maine’s north country?

The Pulse brings back fan-favorite characters Alex Keyes and Zoe McIntyre from Undertow’s previous season, Blood Forest. Mild-mannered librarian Zoe (Keena Ferguson) plays the Scully, with conspiracy theory podcaster Alex Keyes (Katie Chonacas) playing the Mulder.

Undertow is an ongoing audio horror franchise created by Fred Greenhalgh. Each season features a standalone story revealing how the most terrifying monsters are often those from within, conveying fear through the podcast medium’s most powerful feature – its intimacy. Previous seasons include Blood Forest starring Jack Falahee (How to Get Away with Murder, Mercy Street), and are driven by relatable, flawed characters who must confront secrets and past traumas to survive the present.

Creator and Realm’s Head of Audio Fred Greenhalgh said: “Truth is often stranger than fiction, and when the writing team of Blood Forest saw a cash prize bring meteorite hunters from across the US to rural Maine, we couldn’t help wonder ‘what if’ the meteorite was something more than a simple space rock. What we have in The Pulse is a wickedly fun and edgy treasure hunt gone wrong story with two favorite characters… And a warning about entering the Maine woods without an adequate supply of bug spray!”

Undertow: The Pulse episodes will release weekly on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher, beginning Friday, August 25. Episodes will also be available early and ad-free for subscribers to Realm+ and Realm Unlimited.

The Pulse was written by Shawn French, Morgan Sylvia, and Bob LeBlanc, directed by Fred Greenhalgh, produced by Fred Greenhalgh and Rhoda Belleza. It features a cast of 12 actors, original music by Marcus Bagala, and dialogue editing/sound design by Rory O’Shea.

About Fred Greenhalgh

Audio pioneer FRED GREENHALGH is best known for bringing location-recording techniques from his indie film background to the production of immersive audio movies. He’s Head of Audio Production at Realm, overseeing physical production of their original and partner scripted audio series.

Fred’s love of the horror genre runs deep (originating with first being terrified by Stephen King’s CUJO at the ripe age of 9) and his long track record of immersive horror audio dramas includes the NYT Bestselling LOCKE & KEY audio drama produced for Audible, and his original series BLOOD FOREST, THE DARK TOME, THE WELL, and SIMPSON FALLS.

About Realm

Led by former book publishing executive Molly Barton, Realm is an industry-leading studio and global podcast network. Realm partners with top-tier talent and entertainment companies including Warner Bros, DC, AMC Networks, Marvel, and Spotify to develop, produce, distribute, and monetize immersive audio series that deeply engage audiences.

Realm has brought more top-charting fiction shows to audiences than any competitor with eight shows hitting #1 on Apple Podcasts. Realm’s podcasts have been nominated for and won numerous awards, including Audies, Ambies, Webbys, Signal Awards, and iHeart Podcast Awards. Realm Originals have been translated into 12 languages and eight Realm Originals are in development for Film/TV.

Notable titles include the #1 Spotify podcast HARLEY QUINN & THE JOKER: SOUND MIND starring Christina Ricci and Billy Magnussen, THE FLASH: ESCAPE THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS starring Max Greenfield, and fan favorites OUTLIERS voiced by Rory Culkin, IF I GO MISSING THE WITCHES DID IT starring Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe; ORPHAN BLACK: THE NEXT CHAPTER and POWER TRIP starring Emmy-winner Tatiana Maslany; MARIGOLD BREACH starring Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto; and ECHO PARK starring Harry Shum Jr. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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