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CoHost Debuts Advanced Audience Demographics for In-Depth Podcast Listener Analysis

CoHost Debuts Advanced Audience Demographics for In-Depth Podcast Listener Analysis


August 9, 2023

Podcast analytics and audience insights platform changes the data landscape for brands and agencies

[Chicago, IL] – CoHost, a podcast analytics and audience insights platform, has announced the launch of Advanced Audience Demographics. This transformative feature is poised to redefine how brands and podcast agencies measure their podcast audience, ensuring alignment with target markets.

Advanced Audience Demographics provide a deep understanding of who your listeners are, offering data on audience age, gender, household income, interests & hobbies, family members, and social media consumption & habits.

The feature was developed with a vision to help brands and agencies:

  1. Verify if podcasts are reaching their desired target audience
  2. Tailor their content to audience preferences for improved engagement
  3. Enhance sponsorship sales with comprehensive listener profiles


“Understanding your audience is crucial in delivering content that engages, excites, and informs. With Advanced Audience Demographics, we’re giving brands the ability to do just that, but at a whole new level,” said Fatima Zaidi, CEO and Founder of CoHost and Quill Podcast Agency. “Our new feature delves deep into listener details like age, gender, household income, interests, hobbies, and online habits. Our aim is to arm brands and agencies with the right tools to reach the right people.”

Advanced Audience Demographics is split into two primary dashboards:

  1. Audience Overview: The Audience Overview section provides a custom listener persona that includes your audience’s gender and age chart, household income, family, and pets.
  2. Interests & Habits: The Interests & Habits section provides details about listeners’ most used social media channels, how they use these channels, their general and sub-interests, and their lifestyles.

“We’re really excited about CoHost’s new Advanced Audience Demographics! Our clients are hungry for this kind of insight into their audience’s demographic makeup and interests,” comments Liz Hames, the Director of Audience Growth at JAR Audio and CoHost user, “More detailed data will help us ensure that the podcast is reaching our client’s target audience, and we’ll be able to use it to tailor our content and marketing efforts more effectively. We’re always looking to engage listeners on a deeper level, and this is one more tool to help us do that.”

With the introduction of Advanced Audience Demographics, CoHost continues to push the boundaries of innovation in podcast analytics. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering solutions that drive deeper understanding, foster greater engagement, and fuel data-driven content decisions for agencies and brands alike.

About CoHost

CoHost is a leading provider of podcast analytics and audience insights. Brands and agencies like Content Allies, JAR Audio, Expedia Group, and PwC use CoHost to measure, grow, and manage their podcasts.

CoHost was created by Quill, the award-winning podcast agency responsible for creating and growing podcasts for notable Fortune 500 brands. CoHost has been featured in major publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

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Fatima Zaidi

CEO & Founder