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CoHost Launches Consolidated ‘Episode Consumption’ on Their Podcast Analytics and Audience Insights Platform

CoHost Launches Consolidated ‘Episode Consumption’ on Their Podcast Analytics and Audience Insights Platform


February 6, 2024

Chicago, IL – CoHost, a leader in podcast analytics and audience insights created by Quill podcast agency, has announced the launch of Episode Consumption within its platform, allowing users to measure their episode consumption.

The addition of this key podcast metric is meant to provide podcast agencies and brands with a comprehensive understanding of how well their episodes resonate with listeners. This launch follows closely after the release of the company’s Advanced Audience Demographics feature and Analytics Prefix, showcasing their focus on improving listener insights and data for the podcast industry.

Challenges Addressed by CoHost’s Episode Consumption

Before the introduction of Episode Consumption in CoHost, podcast agencies and brands faced challenges in measuring audience engagement:

  1. Time-Consuming Data Consolidation: Users had to log into multiple dashboards, manually merging consumption data.
  2. Inconsistent Data Presentation: Consumption stats are often presented differently, complicating the process of obtaining a cohesive understanding of listener engagement.

Introducing a Unified Solution to Episode Consumption Data

CoHost’s Episode Consumption addresses these challenges head-on by aggregating and standardizing data from both Spotify and Apple:

  1. Consolidated Metrics: Combines data, presenting it in terms of both consumption rate (% listened) and consumption time (duration listened).
  2. Intuitive Data Display: Offers toggles for viewing consumption rate and time, alongside total episode duration, for a clear, comparative analysis.

With this new addition to the CoHost platform, users will receive deeper audience insights by understanding which episodes engage listeners the most, aiding in content strategy and development; comprehensive reporting to equip clients or marketing teams with precise listener attention data; and an all-encompassing view to gain insights across all listening platforms in a consolidated format.

To learn more about Episode Consumption and CoHost, contact their team for a customized demo at

About CoHost:

CoHost is a leading provider of podcast analytics and audience insights. Brands and agencies like iHeartMedia, JAR Audio, Expedia Group, Interac, and PwC use CoHost to measure, grow, and manage their podcasts.

CoHost was created by Quill, the award-winning podcast agency responsible for creating and growing podcasts for notable Fortune 500 brands. CoHost has been featured in major publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

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Fatima Zaidi

Founder & CEO of CoHost & Quill

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