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Create Branded Content in 14 Languages with Headliner’s AI

Create Branded Content in 14 Languages with Headliner’s AI


June 6, 2024

Eddy by Headliner’s Podcast Promo Pack is available in 14 languages.

Eddy is free with all Headliner accounts! To access it, log in to your Headliner account and click the pink “Transcribe” button.

About the Podcast Promo Pack

Eddy turns audio into branded, evergreen content with AI.

Eddy’s Podcast Promo Pack is your ultimate marketing assistant. It automatically creates branded content to expedite uploading and marketing podcasts. It’s designed to take the weight off your shoulders, freeing you from the less fun aspects of podcasting—aka marketing—so you can focus on what you love most—podcasting, of course!

The Podcast Promo Pack includes personalized:

  • Show notes
  • Relevant keywords
  • 4 AI-generated episode art options
  • Social captions
  • Quotes
  • References
  • Newsletter copy
  • Blog post copy

With the Podcast Promo Pack, you’re in the driver’s seat. All projects have the option to opt-in to personalization features. By searching and enabling “Personalize to my podcast,” you inform Eddy about who it’s creating for. Using information in the RSS feed, Eddy will automatically mimic your show’s style, tone, formatting, and imagery to create content that truly represents your podcast.

Podcasters also can manipulate Eddy’s output through regeneration. Podcasters can choose from Headliner’s pre-made “chat” options or prompt Eddy directly. Eddy will use that information to create even better, more personalized content quickly.

The update expands Eddy’s capability to generate content in non-English languages. This allows podcasters to create content in their native language!

About Headliner

Headliner has helped over 1.3 million podcasters grow their audience.

Headliner is built on podcaster feedback and has worked to create an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for the “growth problem.” With Headliner, podcasters can create audiograms and simple marketing assets—what we’re known for—and transcribe, edit, connect, and promote their podcasts across the web!