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Dave Hamilton Celebrates His 20th Year of Podcasting with a Special Session at Podcast Movement 2024

Dave Hamilton Celebrates His 20th Year of Podcasting with a Special Session at Podcast Movement 2024

BackBeat Media

June 13, 2024

June 13, 2024 – Dave Hamilton, the dynamic co-host of the renowned Mac Geek Gab podcast and Founder of BackBeat Media, marks a significant milestone as he begins his 20th year of podcasting. As part of this incredible journey, Dave will be sharing his insights and experiences at Podcast Movement 2024, the premier event for podcasters, held this year in Washington D.C.

Dave Hamilton: A Pioneer in Podcasting

Dave Hamilton’s podcasting journey began in 2005, a time when the medium was still in its infancy. Over the past two decades, he has become a leading voice in the podcasting community, co-hosting the beloved Mac Geek Gab podcast alongside running the fiercely independent BackBeat Media. Known for his engaging style and deep knowledge of technology, Dave has guided countless listeners through the complexities of Apple products and tech innovations.

Celebrating this 20-year milestone, Dave reflects on his journey: “Podcasting has been an incredible adventure. The opportunity to connect with so many of you and to help you navigate your podcast journey alongside my own has been truly rewarding. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned along the way at Podcast Movement 2024.”

Read more about Dave Hamilton’s 20-year, 2,000-episode podcast journey here.

Speaking at Podcast Movement 2024: A Walk Through Two Decades of Podcast Production

In this special session, Dave will walk attendees through his podcast production workflow, which he has meticulously streamlined over the past almost two decades. From the early days of basic equipment and manual editing to today’s sophisticated, efficient processes, Dave will share the tools, techniques, and strategies that have helped Mac Geek Gab maintain its high-quality content, consistent release schedule, and loyal following.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into:

Good-Sounding Audio: Learn about the real-time audio processing techniques that ensure professional sound quality in every episode.

Great Content: Discover how to leverage tools like Apple’s Shortcuts, Notes, AppleScript, and Keyboard Maestro to maintain content quality and focus during live recording.

Consistent Release Schedule: Explore the strategies that enable Dave to publish immediately after recording, ensuring timely content delivery and audience engagement.

Rapid Release Techniques: Gain insight into Dave’s methods for minimizing turnaround time while maximizing audience relevance and responsiveness.

“Podcast Movement is the perfect platform to discuss the future of podcasting,” says Dave. “I’m looking forward to connecting with fellow podcasters and sharing strategies that have helped Mac Geek Gab and my other podcasts thrive over the years while still leaving time to run my other businesses and be present for my family.”

For more information about Dave’s session at Podcast Movement, visit here.

About Mac Geek Gab

While celebrating Dave’s achievements, it’s impossible to overlook the success of Mac Geek Gab. This weekly podcast has been a staple for Apple enthusiasts since its inception. Mac Geek Gab is known for its practical tech support, innovative tips, and the ever-popular “Cool Stuff Found” segment. The podcast has become a trusted resource for listeners looking to enhance their tech knowledge.

About BackBeat Media

Founded in 1999, BackBeat Media specializes in matching fiercely independent podcasts with ideal sponsors, focusing on creating meaningful connections rather than just filling ad slots. With a philosophy that the best audiences are self-selecting, BackBeat Media offers podcasters and sponsors a platform for growth based on integrity and targeted reach.