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Glass Door Examines Historical Challenges of LGBTQ+ Community

Glass Door Examines Historical Challenges of LGBTQ+ Community

NOW! Media/True Weird Stuff

June 24, 2024

Charlotte, NC – Embargoed For Monday, June 24, 2024 — In the midst of Pride month, Sheri Lynch, host of True Weird Stuff, a weekly Podcast for the Curiously Weird and the Weirdly Curious, delves into the complex life and career of Liberace in Glass Door, a riveting episode about a complex man.

An iconic figure in entertainment, fans loved Liberace’s flamboyant style. He was one of the highest-paid entertainers of his time; his salary from his Las Vegas residency was $50,000 a week — the equivalent of $540,000 today! A man of extravagant tastes, he wore lavishly expensive clothes and huge diamond jewelry. His home was over-the-top glam.

But all that glitz and glamor made some people suspicious. Suspicious that Liberace was gay – at a time when America was not tolerant of homosexuality. Intolerant to the point that homosexuality was a crime in the US, and in many countries, including England. A crime that could end a career and ruin a life.

The media, especially the tabloids, speculated endlessly about his personal life, stalking and harassing him. Liberace spent nearly as much time fighting legal battles to safeguard his privacy and reputation as he did rehearsing his shows.

“Liberace’s life was a testament to the ugly challenges faced by gay individuals during a less tolerant era,” says Lynch. “It’s especially poignant to reflect on his story during Pride month — a time to acknowledge and honor the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community.” Liberace may have won his legal fights – he said he “cried all the way to the bank” – but at the price of his privacy and his peace.

Lynch sums up the dualities of Liberace’s public allure and private battles, “This is a gifted musician who was bullied as a child and hauled into court for most of his adult life for nothing more than the suspicion of being gay,” said Lynch. “I think it’s particularly appropriate during Pride month to take a look at a human being who, not that long ago, despite his enormous talent, success, and global fame, was shamed and tormented simply for being himself.

To listen to the Glass Door episode of True Weird Stuff, please click here.

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