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Grro’s Podcast Audience Growth Platform Launches

Grro’s Podcast Audience Growth Platform Launches


October 2, 2023

Startup, Grro, Launches with its First Feature: Empowering Podcasters with AI-Enhanced Cross-Promo Recommendations

Grro is a tech startup dedicated to helping podcasters grow their audience through targeted and personalised cross promotions. With a vision to democratise powerful audience growth tools, our founders’ guiding principle is to prioritise podcast discovery for listeners, catering to podcasters of all sizes.

“Podcast audience growth and podcast discovery are interconnected challenges. We’re convinced that by empowering podcasters to connect with their audience, we also facilitate listeners in discovering the shows they’re seeking.” Aisha Yusaf, Co Founder, Grro

Key highlights of Grro:

● Deep analysis of your podcast audience’s listening habits

● Targeted cross promo recommendations along with topics your audience listens to

● While pricing for enhanced features is coming soon, cross promo recommendations will always be free

Explore Grro’s cross promo recommendations first hand, visit or view a demo before signing up

About Grro

Grro is an adtech platform for podcasts founded in August 2023 by Aisha Yusaf and Ezo Saleh. Both founders have a keen passion for podcast discovery and have built apps in the space since 2009.



Aisha Yusaf