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Guess That Dragon Age with New Fancast HOW TO ACT FERELDAN

Guess That Dragon Age with New Fancast HOW TO ACT FERELDAN

Hug House

June 17, 2024


(Syracuse, NY – June 12, 2024) – How to Act Fereldan is a new nonfiction fancast from Hug House Productions all about the Dragon Age media franchise. Hosted by Anne Baird (scarred by Dragon Age 2), Wil Williams (Dragon Age: Inquisition apologist), and Giancarlo Herrera (has never played a Dragon Age game), each episode features segments about different aspects of the games and their lore:

Dragon Age News: Listen to the hosts lose their mind as they read updates about production, labor rights, and baffling statements about the new game’s direction at Bioware

The Hug House Hero of Fereldan: The hosts talk about Giancarlo’s progress in Dragon Age: Origins, his reactions to the game so far, and Anne and Wil’s memories of playing

Discussion: One different aspect of Dragon Age lore gets explained in full — complete with continuity errors and literary analysis

What’s That Dragon Age?: The hosts look at an image of a dragon (posted to social and in the show notes) and give it an age

A silly podcast about a game we love to love, hate to love, love to hate, and hate to hate, How to Act Fereldan is the perfect listening material as we gear up for the long-waited release of the next game in the series, Dragon Age: The Veilguard. After many years in production and several delays, maybe it’ll come out this time — and you’ll be prepared for all the lore, background, and analysis you’ll need for this installment. Hopefully.

How to Act Fereldan launches its first season, focused on Dragon Age: Origins on June 18th, 2024, with new episodes dropping every other week. Early episode audio may be provided by request. Fans can also watch Giancarlo play each game on Twitch!

More on Hug House and the hosts below. Hosts may be available for interviews, and the show is interested in feed drops, promo swaps, etc.

The Hug House Mission Statement

Hug House’s goal in coming together and creating podcasts is to bring stories to the world that feature and spotlight queer characters and artists, as well as those from other marginalized groups. In telling these stories, Hug House also seeks to educate people about the reality of and process that goes into creating these types of stories so that others may learn from our successes and our follies as they bring their own experiences and stories to the wonderful medium of podcasts.

Anne Baird

Anne Baird (they/them) is a certified mathematics nerd and business enthusiast and the Chief Operating Officer of Tink Media, a podcast growth and ideas company that specializes in creative partnerships and out-of-the-box marketing strategies to help podcasters expand their audience and grow their numbers. As the CFOO of Hug House, Anne handles all of the financial and operational decision as well as serving as a co-host on Scoring Magic, the producer of VALENCE, the showrunner for How to Act Fereldan, and the marketing manager and line producer for Radio Drama Revival. When Anne isn’t being consumed by work, you can find them listening to musical soundtracks and podcasts or frolicking in a field of horses.

Giancarlo Herrera

Giancarlo (he/him) is an actor you may have seen, heard, or otherwise experienced in some capacity. Presently, you can hear him on CARAVAN (Argeaux), VALENCE (Luis Acebo), Primordial Deep (Aden “Spinner” Davit), and Descendents (Declan), or on screen in the upcoming film The Cannibal Killer (Jeffrey Dahmer). Giancarlo is one of the co-founders of Whimsic Productions, through which he is a DM on Dungeons & Drimbus and a co-host on Should I Buy It Though?. He is also one of the co-hosts of How to Act Fereldan with Hug House Productions.

Wil Williams

Wil Williams (they/them) is a podcast does-everything-er who loves snails and deeply upsetting media. They are the CEO of Hug House Productions, where they’ve been the showrunner for VALENCE, Scoring Magic, Nevermorphed, and The Deposition.