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Immigrantly Media Presents Banterly: A New Podcast Dissecting Gen Z Pop Culture

Immigrantly Media Presents Banterly: A New Podcast Dissecting Gen Z Pop Culture


January 9, 2024

Immigrantly Media Presents Banterly: A New Podcast Dissecting Gen Z Pop Culture


New York, NY (Wednesday, December 6, 2023) — Immigrantly Media presents their new podcast, Banterly, for pop culture fans who love engaging complex, critical conversations about all things media. Co-hosted by Aditi Misra and Aidan Taylor, Banterly dissects the latest TikTok trends, contemporary films, and TV shows through cultural critique and media analysis from an unfiltered and socially conscious Gen-Z perspective.

Meet the hosts of Banterly:

Aditi Misra (she/her; @aditi_misra) is a recent graduate from Barnard College, originally from Tampa, Florida. She does stand up around New York City and is part of a sketch group called Dem We Boys with her dearest friends (notably, the Boys). Her obsessions are lengthy but include John Mulaney, the NYC Ferry, and labor unions. Her biggest fear? Losing her Mort impression. And also bugs.

Aidan Taylor (he/him; @aidan.w.taylor) is a journalism graduate from NYU, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. When he’s not writing, sleeping, or eating, you can find him watching every single Real Housewives show (besides Jersey), or rewatching the best show of all time, Glee. While he’s not a huge movie buff, The Goonies, Pitch Perfect, and Shiva Baby are his top three (in no particular order). His favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies.

“Immigrantly’s focus on the importance of uplifting underrepresented voices inspired me to join their team as a co-host for Banterly,” said co-host Aditi Misra. “Our generation is constantly engaging with TV, movies, and trends and we hope to do it in a way that brings diverse identities into the conversation. While I can’t wait to give my hot takes on these topics, I am mainly looking forward to what our listeners think. Banterly will ultimately be a two-way conversation, and I hope we all learn something new from it.”

Co-host Aidan Taylor shares, “I was drawn to Banterly and Immigrantly Media because of their mission of telling stories from often silenced communities. This new podcast is an exciting way to engage with a younger generation, my generation, on pop-culture. It’ll hopefully be a fun weekly escape for listeners from the craziness of the world and they’ll end up laughing with us and maybe step away with a different perspective.”

Banterly is brought to you by Immigrantly Media, creators of the Immigrantly podcast and Invisible Hate. Funding for Banterly is supported by American Public Media Group (APMG). The investment from APMG will be allocated toward innovative storytelling ventures, content licensing initiatives, and additional podcasts.

Banterly is produced by Shei Yu with executive producer Saadia Khan. Scripted by Michaela Strauther, Aditi Misra, and Aidan Taylor. Audio editing and sound design by Steve Martin. Theme music by Simon Hutchinson; other music by Epidemic Sound.

Episodes of Banterly will be released weekly on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all podcast distribution platforms starting with the launch of the first episode on January 10, 2024. Listen to the Banterly trailer here.

About Immigrantly Media

Immigrantly Media is a forward-thinking media company that specializes in authentic and unvarnished storytelling to redefine the immigrant narrative. Immigrantly currently comprises two podcasts including its flagship podcast, Immigrantly, and an investigative true crime podcast, Invisible Hate, in collaboration with Rifelion Media. In addition to Banterly, two new Immigrantly podcasts are currently in development and set to launch in 2024.

Learn more at and connect with us on Instagram (@immigrantlypod), Twitter (@immigrantly_pod), and TikTok (@immigrantlypodcast).

Contact: Saadia Khan,

Founder & CEO, Immigrantly Media

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