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Indigenous Screen Office Allocates $300,000 to 12 Indigenous-led Podcasts in Inaugural Program

Indigenous Screen Office Allocates $300,000 to 12 Indigenous-led Podcasts in Inaugural Program


March 26, 2024

The Indigenous Screen Office (ISO) is pleased to announce the selection of 12 projects from the inaugural Podcasting Program. The program was created with the financial contribution of to support the development and creation of engaging and compelling podcasts by Indigenous screen-based and audio storytellers.

“Podcasting has become an important part of the screen-based ecosystem and is a vital tool for reclaiming Indigenous narratives in the audio realm,” said Kerry Swanson, CEO of ISO. “We are thrilled to have partnered with to create this opportunity and to start a new collaboration with Acast, an industry leader. The response to the program launch and the quality of the projects demonstrate the need and enthusiasm for this initiative.”

ISO has also partnered with Acast, an independent podcast company that will provide information sessions and access to services including hosting for the lifetime of each completed podcast. “Podcasting is one of the most powerful forms of storytelling out there. We’ve partnered with ISO because their passion and approach to storytelling is a natural fit with how Acast shares stories with audiences all around the world,” said the Creator Network Director for Canada Yael Strasberg.

The selected projects are:

Actors and Ancestors, Joel Montgrand (Cree), British Columbia

Logline: Actors and Ancestors is a film and TV podcast that celebrates Indigenous actors, talks back to industry stereotypes and looks to the future of Indigenous Peoples on screen.

Alex au pays de Gaby, Terre Innue Inc., Kim O’Bomsawin (Abenaki), Quebec Logline: A narrative educational podcast, featuring the actors from the movie “Jules au pays d’Asha”. Tailored for 8-12 year olds, it explores the perspectives of First Peoples, their languages and realities, going further than history books and beyond clichés to offer insight for youth in an accessible form.

Ancestral Science, Kori Czuy (Métis), Alberta

Logline: Exploring and Sharing the depth of Scientific Knowledge within Stories that humans have been gifted from the Star, Land, and Animal Ancestors for thousands of years.

The Aunties Dandelion, Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore, (Kanyen’kehà:ka), Ontario Logline: Revitalizing our communities through stories of land, language and relationships.

Creepy Teepee, Cynthia Murdock (Cree), Manitoba

Logline: A 10 episode x 30 min podcast that will bring folks together in the spirit of storytelling and spookiness! With hints of traditional teachings and awareness.

Enweying Our Sound, Monty McGahey II (Anishnaabe), Ontario

Logline: As an Anishinaabe household of five (including the dog), join us as we share our experiences raising our children speaking to them in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe language) as Second Language Learners ourselves. Anishinaabemowin is the language of the Anishinaabe people – also known as Ojibwe.

The Future is Indigenous – Matriarch Movement Season 4, Shayla Oulette Stonechild (Cree/Métis), Ontario

Logline: The Future is Indigenous, hosted by Matriarch Movement, is an 11 video podcast series that focuses on themes such as matriarchy, sustainability, Indigenous fashion and Indigenous futurism.

Indigi-Demo-Itis, Gaayangaay Productions Ltd, Kristi Lane Sinclair (Haida / Cree), British Columbia

Logline: The music podcast where Indigenous music artists pull back the curtain on their first demo, examining their career and lessons learned along the way.

Kwu Sneqsilxw, kwu sneqsilxw Collective, Jesse Martin, Levi Bent, Trenton Manossa-Gabriel (Okanagan), British Columbia

Logline: “Kwu Sneqsilxw”: Meaning “we are family,” this podcast explores what it means to be sqilx’w (Okanagan indigenous) and what the future of nsyilxcen language and culture might look like.

Native Origin Stories, Ready Up Productions Inc., Aretha Greatrix, (Cree (Inniniw/Illiliw)), Manitoba

Logline: Every person has an origin story.

Tales From The Rez Podcast, Tales From The Rez Productions Inc., Colin Lyttle Van Loon (Siksika/Blackfoot), British Columbia

Logline: Uncle Randolph is back with more terribly twisted Tales From The Rez to tell.

Truth Before Reconciliation, Tammy Wolfe (Cree (Ininiw)), Manitoba

Logline: We’re building relationships and teaching truth before reconciliation. -30-

For more information or to book an interview:

Jean-François D. O’Bomsawin

Director of Marketing & Communications

About Indigenous Screen Office

The Indigenous Screen Office is an independent national advocacy and funding organization serving First Nations, Inuit and Métis creators of screen content in Canada. The ISO’s mandate is to foster and support narrative sovereignty and cultural revitalization by increasing Indigenous storytelling on screens and promoting Indigenous values and participation across the sector.

About Acast

Since 2014, Acast has been creating the world’s most valuable podcast marketplace, building the technology which connects podcast creators, advertisers and listeners. Its marketplace spans 100,000 podcasts, 2,700 advertisers and c. 400 million monthly listens. Crucially, those listens are monetized wherever they happen – across any podcasting app or other listening platform.

The company operates worldwide and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Acast is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (ACAST.ST).


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