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Introducing AdLarge Labs

Introducing AdLarge Labs


June 27, 2023

New York, NY – Today, AdLarge announces AdLarge Labs – a digital accelerator program to market, monetize, and maximize opportunities for podcast creators.

AdLarge Labs offers partners a full suite of tools to elevate their marketing efforts, grow their podcasts, and expand the reach of their voices and engagement. The Labs team works hands on with podcast creators to develop custom strategies and content, including working with additional partners; FlightPath, PodRoll, Barometer, YouTube, to name a few.

AdLarge Labs is focused on increasing revenue opportunities for creators and their engagement with audiences, advertisers, and brands.

“The Labs team supports creators and networks to bring their podcasts to new audiences by expanding into new platforms, including long and short form video. The video marketplace, for many podcast creators, is an untapped revenue stream,” added AdLarge’s Head of Podcast Growth & Strategy, Matt Turck. “This initiative not only builds out influencer brand capabilities but also creates layered advertiser opportunities.”

“AdLarge is a fantastic example of a team dedicated to expertise in every aspect of the podcast space,” added Bryan Barletta, Sounds Profitable Founder. “From customer service, to innovation, and especially operational excellence. This initiative is yet another example of that, bolstering their already exceptional offerings to creators, with a strong focus on increasing industry audience and revenue.”

The program is now open to all creators, and does not require an ad sales agreement with AdLarge. Interested networks and creators can reach out to learn more or join the waitlist at

About AdLarge

AdLarge Media is an industry-leading independent ad sales company connecting audio publishers, brands, and audiences. Founded in 2011, the diverse audio portfolio at AdLarge reaches over 200 million listeners globally across all audio platforms. The AdLarge team is composed of top industry experts in podcasting, radio, and streaming, with ad clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to emerging DTC brands. In 2022, AdLarge launched their AdLarge Labs division providing a suite of digital tools and services to help podcasters grow their brands. Founders Cathy Csukas & Gary Schonfeld were named two of the “Top 20 Leaders in Radio” in 2021 and 2022, and Csukas has consistently been named one of the “Most Influential Women in Radio” by Radio Ink. AdLarge also continues to receive industry recognition for the Annual Podcast Buying Guide which provides an in-depth analysis on the most current insights, research, and expert advice available on the rapidly evolving medium. Since entering in 2013, AdLarge has maintained a top-ranked position with Nielsen’s RADAR® Network Ratings. Committed to the highest standards of customer service, team up with them from anywhere at


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