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Introducing Thmanyah Hosting: The Latest Addition to Thmanyah’s Content Creation Ecosystem

Introducing Thmanyah Hosting: The Latest Addition to Thmanyah’s Content Creation Ecosystem

March 20, 2024

hmanyah, the media tech company and leading Arabic podcast network in the Middle East and North Africa, has launched the Thmanyah Hosting platform, designed for publishers and advertisers, and part of Thmanyah’s initiative to build a tech ecosystem that enables creators to produce high-quality content, enriching Arabic content on the Internet.

At the beginning of this year, Thmanyah announced its transformation into a media-tech company, offering content creators multiple solutions to empower their ventures and enable them to enrich the Arabic content on the internet. To complete this ecosystem, ‘Thmanyah Hosting’ was introduced to join the company’s suite of tech products, which includes the ‘Radio Thmanyah’ app for podcasts and ‘Thmanyah’ platform for newsletters and articles.

‘Thmanyah Hosting’ specifically targets advertisers and publishers within the podcast ecosystem. Advertising on podcasts requires a lot of time and effort, especially since there is no single advertising platform that targets all podcast programs. However, through the new platform, advertisers can create their campaigns, whether for Thmanyah programs or on the most famous Arab podcast networks. For content creators, ‘Thmanyah Hosting’ simplifies the publishing process with a user-friendly interface. It allows creators to publish and manage their podcast programs and episodes, set advertising tags, and more. The platform also provides live audience reports and data beyond episode download numbers, enabling creators to join the Thmanyah advertising network and generate continuous revenue.

Abdulrahman Abumalih, the founder and CEO of Thmanyah, stated: “At the beginning of 2024, we made a commitment to develop the Arabic content industry online and empower content creators. With the launch of ‘Radio Thmanyah,’ we aimed to offer the best podcast listening experience possible to listeneres. Now, it’s time for publishers and advertisers to complete the circle of content sustainability with Thmanyah Hosting.” ‘Radio Thmanyah’ topped the list of app downloads on the Apple Store in seven Arab countries for three days following its launch, surpassing the X (formerly Twitter) mobile application. In less than two months after launch, the app’s user base exceeded 100,000 listeners, and over a million minutes of listening through the application.

About Thmanyah

Thmanyah is a leading Saudi media technology company that develops tools enabling individuals to enhance Arabic content on the Internet. Producing more than 20 products, including articles, newsletters, documentaries, and podcasts, Thmanyah aims to document life in Arab societies and transform the culture of journalism. The content spans various topics, from culture and cinema to health, lifestyle, and finance. Recognized as the most widespread podcast network in the Arab world, Thmanyah is also the largest producer of documentary films in Saudi Arabia. Thmanyah recently launched ‘Radio Thmanyah’ application dedicated to listening to Arabic and international podcast programs, ‘Thmanyah’ platform for publishing articles and newsletters, in addition to ‘Thmanyah Hosting’ for podcast ads and publishing.