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JAR Audio Launches New YA Fiction Podcast, Handsome Molly

JAR Audio Launches New YA Fiction Podcast, Handsome Molly

JAR Audio

September 19, 2023

JAR Audio is excited to launch a new YA fiction podcast, Handsome Molly.

The podcast is based on the novel Restoring Harmony by Victoria-based YA fiction writer Joëlle Anthony. “Having my book turned into a dramatic podcast is like breathing new life into something I love, and giving it another dimension. It’s so exciting to hear the characters come right off the page and have a literal voice,” says Anthony.

The story, a dystopian near-future adventure set on Canada’s west coast, was adapted by The Chop Theatre, and re-worked for audio by JAR Audio.

“What’s really interesting is that when Joëlle wrote this novel over 10 years ago – some of this dystopian stuff seemed far-fetched. Now we recognize it. And teens, especially, are acutely aware of it,” says JAR Audio’s CCO Jen Moss.

The story world is much like our own – only worse. Climate disaster, economic collapse, dissolving infrastructure, viruses, and rampant crime. Against this backdrop, teenager Molly Masamoto embarks on a dangerous road trip from Vancouver to Portland to help her family and her community.

“It’s an exciting adventure story, with a bit of romance in there too. There aren’t enough great fiction podcasts for young teens – especially ones with strong female leads. So this was an opportunity to showcase a story we love and bring it to life for this audience with the power of audio,” says Moss.

One of three co-writers on the project is Emelia Symington Fedy from The Chop Theatre, whose gritty new novel Skid Dogs (Douglas & McIntyre) has been called “Stand by Me for girls.”

“We wanted to work with Emelia, in particular, because as a writer she inhabits the headspace of teenagers very authentically. And The Chop’s knack for driving the action forward is invaluable,” says Moss.

The podcast also features the incredible musical versatility of Molly Mackinnon on the violin, creating the basis for a rich sound design by JAR Audio’s Sam Seguin.

Handsome Molly is an 8-part series, released biweekly, and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and “wherever you get your podcasts.”

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