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JAR Pilot Competition for Women in Podcasting 2024

JAR Pilot Competition for Women in Podcasting 2024

JAR Audio

March 8, 2024

JAR Pilot Competition for Women in Podcasting 2024

We’re doing it again!

We still think the podcasting space needs more female pilots!

As we reported last year, women and podcasts are a listening love story on the rise—and we want more female-focused shows! Together, let’s make that happen.

Our Pilot Competition gives one winning submission the chance to bring your podcast vision to life. You’ll work closely with the JAR team, learning from our exceptional producers, audience growth specialists, and sound engineers to transform your pitch into a pilot. You retain full ownership of your idea. This is an opportunity to bring your idea to life in sound, with the chance to learn professional production processes and audience development strategies along the way.

Give last year’s winner a listen.

We’ll be looking for:

  • Complete, well-thought-out podcast pilot episode pitches of any genre
  • A unique voice, angle or topic
  • A passionate producer who is willing to work hard to make their project come to life
  • JAR’s team of expert audio storytellers will review the ideas and select a winning pitch.

JAR will commit to making a pilot episode based on this pitch, working in collaboration with the creator.

The creator retains full ownership of the IP and can use the pilot episode as a “calling card” to encourage sponsorship, audience buy-in, or advertising interest, enabling them to make the rest of the series.

JAR’s in-kind donations will include:

  • 1 creative strategy/mentorship session
  • 1 marketing strategy/mentorship session
  • Script vetting
  • Recording services
  • Editing services
  • Mixing services
  • Publishing of initial episode via podcast platforms

So, get that notebook of ideas ready and start crafting that perfect pitch–we can’t wait to see your ideas and work closely with you to bring a new pilot into the world!

How to craft a compelling pitch:

Aim for a concise, 1-page description of your idea for a pilot episode of an audio podcast. How will you use the power of sound in your storytelling? Is there a central question, story, or issue you will be exploring? Give us a sense of your preferred genre. (Fiction, non fiction, interview, narrative, etc.) Pilot episodes should be between 10-30 mins. Tell us who the voices are – what scenes or key components you imagine – what kind of tone you are trying to strike. Most importantly – tell us who you are, and why you want to make this particular podcast. What’s your connection to the topic? Also tell us a bit about some of the other creative work you’ve done – in any medium. Above all, we’re looking for ideas that are fresh, and creative people who are passionate.

Submissions are due May 1, 2024

Learn more and submit your idea here.



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